His father was P. Narasimha Shastri, originally a tehsildar at Tirunelveli , in Madras Presidency , who later became the Deputy Collector of the Presidency. Ranganath Shastri was a judge in the Madras High Court. Venkataraman passed his matriculation examination from Madras University in January , where he also finished first.

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He was an exceptional Writer and silver-tongued speaker. Gurudeva was Known for his vast and versatile learning, His spiritual and educational achievements. His all life is the example of the service of humanity. His father late Sri P Narasimha Shastri was then in service as a tahsildar at Tinnivellly madrasah Presidendsy who later retired as a Deputy Collector. Childhood name of the Gurudev was Venkatraman.

He was an exceptionally brilliant student and invariably toped in his entire education career. He passed his matriculation examination from the Madras University in January topping in his all subject as usual. Click Here. After winning the highest place in the B. A examination, Sri Venkatraman Saraswati appeared at the M.

In at the age of just twenty, he passed M. A Examination in seven Subjects simultaneously securing the highest honours in all which is perhaps the all-time world record of academic brilliance. Sri Venkatraman started his public life under the guidance of late honourable Sri Gopal Krishna Gokhale in in connection with the National education movement.

Later on, He had become the Principal of new open National college at Rajmahendrifor the next three years. But due to immense interest in the field of Indian spiritual science or Adhyatma Vidya, he proceeds to Sringeri Math in Mysore and nest eight years he spent in the most profound study of the most advanced Vedanta philosophy and practice of the Brahma sadhana.

In nearby Sringeri, he delivered many lectures on Adhyatam and mathematics in several institutes. There was no branch of knowledge which he did not know and that also Sastrically. He was equally learned in Chandahsastra, Ayurveda and Jyotish Sastra.

Must Read: All About Vedic Mathematics After the several years of the most advanced studies, the most profound meditation and the highest spiritual achievement Prof. Venkatraman Saraswati was initiated into the holy order of sannyasa at banars Varanasi by His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri trivikram tirthaji Maharaj of sharadapeeth on the 4th July This occasion he was given the new name swami Bharat Krishna Tirtha.

Then on his entire life touring India from corner to corner and delivering lectures on Sanatana Dharma and by his scintillating intellectual brilliance powerful oratory magnetic personality sincerity of purpose indomitable will purity of thought and loftiness of character he took the entire intellectual and religious class of the nation by storm.

He could speak for several hours at a stretch in Sanskrit and English with the same felicity, and the intonation of this musical voice left a lasting impression on the minds of this listener.

He attracted large audiences. He was an ardent admirer of Bhartrhari, the Great scientific Thinker of Golden Age of Indian history in the different field. In his life span, he was written many book poem slokas on various issue. In which Vedic Mathematics is one of them.

He had composed more than slokas in adoration of various debas and devices. He is such a divine personality it is impossible to draw a sketch. To hear him was a pleasure. To see him was a privilege. To speak to him was a real blessing and to be granted an exclusive interview -Ah!!

The magnetic force of his pleasant personality was such that one word, one smile or even one look was quite enough to convert even the most sceptic into his most ardent and obedient disciple. He belonged to all irrespective of caste or creed, and he was a real Guru to the whole world. S and U. The excessive strain of the vast hurricane tour abroad came as a severe blow to his health.

As a result, he fell seriously in November and despite the best available treatment shed off his mortal frame and took Mahasamadhiat Mumbai on 2nd February The whole life of Jagadgur is the example of the simplest living and highest thinking.


Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja

He was introduced by Mr. Wesley L. This meeting was the first in the United States in which His Holiness presented his mathematical discoveries. The talk aroused such interest that His Holiness was invited to return to the institute for further demonstrations. A turn of events brought His Holiness back to Caltech. In his second discourse he took up Algebra and Quadratics ; and a third discourse at Caltech Sri Sankaracharya demonstrated the application of his theories in the field of Calculus. Tiwari about Tirthaji when he toured the United States in


Father of Vedic Mathematics

He is said to have reconstructed the ancient system of Vedic Mathematics from certain Sanskrit texts which other scholars had dismissed as nonsense. The methods he showed and the simple Sutras on which it is based are extraordinarily simple and easy to apply, and the whole system possesses a unity not found in conventional mathematical methods. His life was devoted to helping those individuals he could and also helping to bring about world peace and spiritual renewal. This short article aims to show something of his character and life and is drawn mainly from an introduction by Mrs Manjula Trivedi in the book "Vedic Mathematics" by Bharati Krishna. She looked after Bharati Krishna in the last years of his life and afterwards took charge of the Foundation he set up in Nagpur in the Sri Vishwapunarniman Sangha. According to Manjula Trivedi, Bharati Krishna "named as Venkatraman in his early days, was an exceptionally brilliant student and invariably won the first place in all subjects in all the classes throughout his educational career. Examination in further seven subjects simultaneously securing the highest honours in all, which is perhaps the all-time record of academic brilliance.

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