Wing Chun is a very unique and scientific form of martial arts. The effectiveness of this fighting style is achieved by well coordinated attacks with simultaneous defence and vise versa. Due to its effectiveness this martial art makes for an effective form of self defence. The student must learn to deliver the correct amount of energy or force, whilst staying relaxed when possible. The style uses kicks, sweeps, elbows, palm strikes, punches, trapping and control techniques as part of its fighting arsenal. Learning this style of Kung Fu requires knowledge of Chi Sau, the hand form, the weapons and dummy forms and sparring.

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Last updated on 6 Jan Learn Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun from home Get advice and training from Master Kwok where ever you live The distance learning program is part of a revolutionary new scheme by Grandmaster Kwok to enable Wing Chun enthusiasts around the world to have a high standard of instruction, regardless of their location. He believes that modern technology can be used to help raise the worldwide standard of traditional Wing Chun, as was envisioned by the late grandmaster Ip Man.

Monthly video lessons will be emailed to you which will be approximately 5 minutes in length. One-to-one contact availability with Grandmaster Kwok to answer any questions you may have. One-to-one webcam sessions with Grandmaster Kwok, at a mutually arranged time. The ability to send Grandmaster Kwok your training videos which will be constructively criticised to ensure continued improvement and technique accuracy. Please note your camcorder must be able to create. If you are unsure how to do all of this, follow the guide for using a free program called VirtualDub with a Free codec called XVid.

Along with this online instruction package, it is highly recommended that the other materials Grandmaster Kwok has released, such as his Mastering Wing Chun book and dvd series, be used. This will mean that Grandmaster Kwok can spend more time on tweaking a students techniques and positions rather than teaching basics that are already available in other materials.

Please note that the individual attention each distance learning applicant will require will mean that Grandmaster Kwok can only accept so many students.

Places are therefore limited for this new scheme. For the serious student, it is also possible to arrange private lessons with Grandmaster Kwok.

Finally, there are several training trips a year organised by Grandmaster Kwok. These holidays contain many hours of training each day, with martial artist from all over the world. Attending is guaranteed to vastly improve your Wing Chun abilities. In order to learn more, please click here. The learning methods are simple, effective and straightforward. The seminar is always a plus in learning Wing Chun that can improve student-sifus. There are many in the world practitioner who performs actions without knowing the key to genuine and wing chun are paying huge sums.

Sincerely, Jean of France. I have always wanted to learn this style of Kung Fu, but where I live, instruction on the art is really non-existent. So, taking this course has been a treat for me. But, I find myself performing some of the techniques when friends try to punch me while we are playing around.

They need to be in an actual class. I do hope though that one day GM Kwok will open a class here. Thank you GM Kwok, even with the long distance course, I am able to develop a better understanding of this system.

I especially like the fact that if I needed to generate some power into one of my blocks I can do so, which usually stops my friends from continuing their attempts to land a punch. I look forward to finishing this course. A for many years and later continued to study on my own, I was extremely delighted to find the head of the Association offering Distance Learning. After signing up and following the material and guidance of Grand Master Kwok I found answers to questions I had always been after.

For example: how to truly control your opponent, how to using the correct energy and to handle people stronger than yourself. Having access to someone who has the insight, wisdom and willing to share all he knows it a true gift. Good Kung Fu is not just asking the right questions but also receiving the right guidance. This is where Sifu Kwok is a true master, he withholds nothing and if you put in the effort he will reward you with answers that work. Being able to ask someone who had truly mastered an art for guidance is priceless.

By Sifu Mark.


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