For added convenience, image data shown onscreen—including notations—can be saved to a PC or sent directly to an MFP for printout. And after meetings, whiteboard notes saved on the PC as PDF documents can be e-mailed with ease to all concerned parties. Note: Depending on the system, separately sold peripheral equipment may be required. Consult your local dealer for more information. Once documents created on any application software have been imported as images and displayed on the touchscreen, users can quickly write and draw directly on the screen surface using the bundled touch pen or a finger. This user-friendly interface supports onscreen functions for pen-colour and line-thickness selection as well as an eraser tool that can be used to delete selected notations or clear the entire screen at once.

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The user can update and edit data as needed. Users can add more customized templates according to their needs Intuitive Pen Software 3. PN-LB may be used for presentations, data viewing, conducting video conferences, sharing information and as a collaboration tool. Built-in 7W speakers allow the user to deliver audio information, improving the overall impact of the message.

Sharp PN-LB comes with perfect display Sharp PN-LB comes with a perfect high quality display with HD imagery which ensures that users always remain interested in the content and never lose concentration. It also makes sure that audience never miss out on any important details of the image or object being discussed.

Many a times audience loose interest in an ongoing presentation or session due to poor image quality which puts them off. Sometimes image quality is satisfactory while the color scheme is dull which makes audience lose their interest.

The touch feature can easily be used in addition to using the writing pen. Furthermore, this feature can be accommodated by more than one user. If one user is using the digital pen to write, draw, annotate, edit or model any object, the other user can use his own pen to do the same without interfering with the operation of the former. Superior sound quality with PN-LB The system also comes with its own inbuilt sound system with powerful speakers.

This means that while the display is at its best, no compromise is made on the sound quality which guarantees effective communication.


Sharp PN-L702B Operation Manual



Sharp PN-L702B - 70" Class ( 69.5" viewable ) LED-backlit LCD flat panel display Series Specs


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