Sharisar Coin-meter Price reduction 5 If one want to have price reduction for a certain day, etc switch S3 can be used. Press down the rear gable until stop. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings 42 3 Fig. The machine must be placed out of order and the interlock immediately replaced.

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Read all instructions before using the appliance. Continously lit when start relay is activated. For that reason, the level controls are sealed with enamel paint. Door and door lock 29 Replacing hyls door lock 1. Level control Contents Control and fault tracing Fit the new motor without locking the mounting bolts.

When counter unit is for double slot, the lower value. No intente abrir la puerta hasta que la luz indicadora este encendida. Depending on the size of the machine, the following heating elements are available: The machine can also be fitted with steam heating using a steam valve fitted on the rear of the machine.

Sometimes it is sufficient to loosen it from the shaft. Undo the bracket for the manuxl hose connector from the lower rear piece, then hylxa the rear cover. If only one coin, all switches shall be set in OFF position. Pressure plate Recoil spring Cylinder Piston Lower part Diaphragm Nipple for connection of feed hose from control valve 6.

Then it is easier to mount the sealing rings. In order to be able to put the puller blocks under the bearing, push the rear gable a little. Assemble in reverse order. A faulty level switch can not be repaired and should be replaced. Adjust drive belt tension if values exceed those shown in the table. Most mmanual are then presented in detailed in separate chapters in this service manual. Regular maintenance Contents Daily Control unit Function 2 Front control unit Front control unit Programme unit A1 2 The programme unit is electromechanical and has up to 10 fixed programmes depending on hysla.

Fit the drive belt and adjust the belt tension with the tensioner on one side of the motor. These levels are called minimum levels.

Connect the new motor to the cable and use straps to secure the cable. Drain valve 8 Input Function Pin 1: Replacing the heating elements Wen replacing the heating elements, there is a risk that water still left in the machine may flood onto the floor.

When the lower part is filled with water, the lower part diaphragm pushes up the piston. The detergent is routed from the bottom of the compartment to the outer drum through the combo module immediately behind the compartment.

Y25 will flush in pre-wash and in main wash. See the door interlock section of the manuao. When the water rises in the drum and hose, the air in the hose compresses and, at two preset pressure levels shut-off levelstwo different alternating contacts in the pressure sensor are activated.

The maintenance interval should be adjusted according to machine usage. Apart from a level guard on the programme unit card, there is a level guard B2, connected to the door lock control A Locate and repair any leak. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings 42 8 Fig. For coin-operated models, insert the proper coins to start the machine. There are no Y22 valve on these machines. Do not reach into the appliance if the tube is moving.

Remove the door lock three holding screws. Jumper on C is bleaching function. If the water is very hard, check whether there mahual lime deposits on the heating elements.

Push it down until it stops. Related Posts.


Manuales Y Tablas – Polineria(PROLAMSA, IMSA), Aceros Tubulares(HYLSA) y Losacero(IMSA)



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