Shama was to help Manik with the screenplay and costumes. She was very efficient, and knew her job well. Being an aristocratic Muslim, she was well-versed in their customs and social etiquette, knowledge that was very important in the context of this film. Shooting finally began on 6 December The first sequence was shot with Saeed Jaffrey and Sanjeev Kumar, both wonderful actors. As it was the first day, things were a bit delayed, and shooting began only at 5 pm.

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Amader Katha Our Story appeared in 37 installments between and and was later published as a book. A meticulous keeper of diaries, Bijoya has been able to construct an admirably detailed account of her life and times spanning a period of more than eight decades.

Well-read and independent, the young Bijoya is a woman with an open mind and a spirit of adventure. Prior to her involvement with Manik as Satyajit was called by family and close friends , she had been engaged twice.

Both times, she chose the suitors herself but broke off when she felt the partnership would not work. It was finally her friend and younger first cousin Manik she chose as her life partner. The family was gently pressing Bijoya to marry one of the many suitable boys around.

She not only managed to reject them but continued to work in order to maintain her financial independence. She even tried her hand at acting even though the profession did not interest her much and Satyajit was not particularly approving. In October , Bijoya and Satyajit got married at a quiet registration ceremony in Bombay. The story of the remarkable woman who let Satyajit Ray play out his genius. Ray was not only an exceptional filmmaker but an extraordinary writer, illustrator and music composer.

Feluda, his fictional detective, and Professor Shonku, his sci-fi hero, are household names in Bengal. His films brought him awards but very little money. Replete with anecdotes and delightful vignettes, the book, however, is most likely to be enjoyed by those who already possess sufficient knowledge about Ray and his expansive body of work.

Their intellectual evolution, international travel, exposure to the world of music, art and film are fascinating. Particularly enjoyable is her account of their first trip to the UK and Europe. The later chapters, when Ray embarks on his brilliant career while Bijoya gets more enmeshed in domesticity, make for less interesting reading. After the birth of their son Sandip, the text is often weighed down by dull quotidian details.

A fuller account would have given the protagonists far greater complexity. The conventional marriage, no matter how unconventional the couple, has always privileged men. In the history of creative arts, how many women would have enjoyed such privilege? Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.


Wife reveals Satyajit Ray’s real life love story

Share So many autobiographies and biographies have been written, so many descriptions of life with great men and women of all persuasions and pursuits. Great expectations arise, then, as you pick up a new book on Satyajit Ray by his wife, despite the fact that so many have been written on him in a variety of languages. All of them analyse his creativity, his work over the years. Few talk of his personal life, of Satyajit Ray the man, the husband, the father and, for one short year before his death, the grandfather. What was he like to live with?


The book on Satyajit Ray's wife likely to be enjoyed by Ray's followers

Bijoya Ray never felt the urge to write her memoirs, but was nally persuaded to pick up the pen when she was well into her eighties. Manik and I brimsover with hitherto unknown stories of her life with Satyajit Ray, told in candid, vivid detail. She took lessons in music from her aunt, and mastered Rabindra Sangeet, and Indian classical and semi-classical music. She married Satyajit Ray in Bijoya lives in Calcutta with her son, the noted film-maker Sandip, daughter-in-law and grandson.


(ebook) Manik and I

Blog , Book Review Bijoya Ray for putting into words her priceless memories. Every Ray fan wants to know what he was like as a man. There is nothing so fascinating as the little details of his outward life and his likes and dislikes. Bijoya gives us a view of Satyajit the man whom we have always known as Satyajit Ray the genius.


MANIK AND I – MY LIFE WITH SATYAJIT RAY- Bijoya Ray (Penguin India) Review by Sunayana Panda

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