More than forty years passed before Devi read Bengal Nights, the novel Eliade had fashioned out of their encounter, only to find small details and phrases, even her given name, bringing back episodes and feelings she had spent decades trying to forget. They were also, as it turned out, deeply taken with each other. Amid a tangle of misunderstandings, between a European man and an Indian girl, between student and teacher, husband and wife, father and daughter, she describes a romance unfolding in the face of cultural differences but finally succumbing to cultural constraints. On its own, It Does Not Die is a fascinating story of cultural conflict and thwarted love.

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She was 16 then. He even encouraged Mircea and Maitreyi to study together. Devi later wrote "We were two good exhibits in his museum". During this time Mircea and Maitreyi became close to each other. On discovering their secret romance her father ordered Mircea to leave their house.

In , during her own Europe tour, Devi came across several Romanians who recognized her name, and told they have read a book written about her. But she was still unaware of its content. In , when Sergui al-Georghe, a close friend of Mircea, who came to Kolkata told Maitreyi about the details of the book, she came to know the book described a sexual relationship between them.

She asked a friend to translate the novel from French and was shocked to find how it depicted their relationship. During the next two months of her stay they met several times, which was condensed to a single one at the end of her book. She confronted him about the claims he wrote in his book and as a result Mircea promised the book would not be published in English in her lifetime. Though the two books relate a common event, they differ in many aspects of their plots and perspectives.

Taken together, the New York Times describes the two novels as "an unusually touching story of young love unable to prevail against an opposition whose strength was tragically buttressed by the uncertainties of a cultural divide. The film was a huge hit because of its melodramatic picturization.


Maitreyi Devi

Jun 29, Paul rated it really liked it Revenge on an old lover Mircea Eliade by writing a far superior book. You go, girl! But here Maitreyi shows a young Mircea as someone I could believe she did fall in love with, however young and inexperienced they both were. And what a life!


[PDF] It Does Not Die Book by Maitreyi Devi Free Download (264 pages)

She realizes, only the surroundings have made her forgetful nit her true love and she makes it up by mingling with Mircea. Despite these similarities, Alain does not thoroughly align with the author Eliade; this gulf between the hero and the author comes across most clearly in the opening and the closing sections of Bengal Nights. Notwithstanding that it is a maihreyi and there are many spelling and grammar typos in the book, I found it riveting and heartfelt. The rest of the Indian cast is professional and comes across as having mysterious depths, one of the few positives of the film. Taken together they provide an unusually touching story of young love unable to prevail against an opposition whose strength was tragically buttressed by the uncertainties of a cultural divide.

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