Mar 06, Dorothy Brandes rated it it was amazing Experiments in a UFO Like the other UFO books I have read written by Lou Baldin, the experiences Lou reveals are so fantastical, so wondrous, so quirky and unusual, it is really difficult to say whether or not the whole thing is the result of a wondrous and fantastical imagination of the author, or if it is truly fact. However, Mr. Baldin writes with a clarity and with such straightforward seeming honesty of a person who is just recording the facts was he observed them, and it is almost Experiments in a UFO Like the other UFO books I have read written by Lou Baldin, the experiences Lou reveals are so fantastical, so wondrous, so quirky and unusual, it is really difficult to say whether or not the whole thing is the result of a wondrous and fantastical imagination of the author, or if it is truly fact. Baldin writes with a clarity and with such straightforward seeming honesty of a person who is just recording the facts was he observed them, and it is almost impossible to just put the book aside and forget about it. Although it does not answer all the questions one might have about the experiences described, it certainly puts a lot of the pieces together, and I had the feeling his encounters are describing true events just as they happened. If you have ever wondered about UFOs, aliens, and alien abductions, or just wondered if Roswell was true, and what the neck did they learn from the space crafts recovered, then this is a book for you.

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Good is the trickiest game of all. What force is above good and evil? Nothing is above "good". Evil and rage are lower level 3D poop. Being aware of right and wrong is the most important, the rest is fluff and not worth losing sleep over. Awareness of right and wrong is only one small step, implementation is the big one we wrestle with.

The wolf often comes disguised like the sheep it hopes to eat. Good and evil are illusions and nothing more than programs running on this computer we call earth. However, there are rewards and consequences on our actions based on that programmurder, rape and a host of other criminal activity will not get you brownie points on the other side.

Your next tour of duty is determined by your actions on this placemore and better opportunities or fewer and crappy ones. Evil comes in many forms and usually stalk their prey in packs like hyenas.

Hitler was a soldier, a painter, a politician and an author but he excelled at maniacal dictator He orchestrated a cast of millions to do his biddingwhen it was all said and done more than fifty million people lost their lives and countless others were left destitute and crippled He was the face of pure evil and millions chose between good and evil during his time on this planet Many of those that chose evil never participated in that war or killed anyonebut neither did they stand up against him or what he stood for Many of those who chose evil have since died and have been returned to this planetsome of the worst have been terminatedthey literally lost their souls We all chose between good and evilmany that choose evil will not lose their souls but some will wish they did.

Serial killers and rapists are wolves amongst the sheepare they evil? Why does any tyrant exist? There have been thousands throughout history and there are hundreds and thousands running around todaythey are the face of evil, they are pawns of god for those who believe in god or ET. The fact is no one is on the same page on what the world should be or how to make it a peaceful and prosperous world for everyonemillions of us disagree on nearly everything.

Was Stalin a liberator or a tyrant? Hitler a liberator or tyrant? Castro a liberator or tyrant? Hugo Chavez a liberator or tyrant? Bush a liberator or tyrant? All of them are both, for some they are liberators, for others they are tyrants. The bottom line is that humans are not here to change the world; we are here to be changed by the circumstances we find ourselves in, in this world. Those that claim they hold the solutions to all the worlds woes are simply tyrants in sheep clothing looking for their next meal ticket and the victims that will pay for it.

Or they are contestants on a Miss America contestlol The world will change and become a better place only when more people change and become better people. How does anyone live? One day at a time. The battle over good and evil continues here on earth and each of us have to decided which side we will be on while on this planetfor those keeping score those choosing evil remain in the majoritythey have always been in the majority because evil is more alluring than boring goody-two-shoes What many of us forget is that evil has no power over us unless we allow ourselves to be seduced by itand it goes by several names but the two main ones are envy and hate.

Often what we perceive to be evil is in reality the exact opposite, it works the other way around too, good is not always good for us. The dilemma is that for there to be good we need evil otherwise how do we distinguish between the two. Evil is a human concept and was created by ET as a toolif you wish to place god in the slot of ET that works too. Who decides what is evilpoliticians?

World leaders with their own agendas? Is the left evil or is the right evil? Most of us believe our political view correct and good, and the other misguided and perhaps evil. The mob needs a victim to sacrifice for their own sins; the witch hunter crowd needs to be validated by finding someone to lynch, even if they have to invent a crime.

Reminiscing about their past life or lives. Sad to say. If demons are taken out of the equation most traditional belief systems would fall. Remove your blinders many humans belong in lockdown, and many of them know it. There is no way for a human soul to become a goddess of darknessall human evil and darkness is contained on earthand evil humans come back to earth and may revisit the evil they did to others in a previous tour on themselvesevil is a boomerang that returns to the sender every single timethe longer it takes to return the bigger it getsmuch better if it hits you while you are here after you have done itit can get nasty if it is allowed to pick up speed and hits you in the next life or god forbid other livesit can leapfrog on younot good.

If you love your life as it is keep on doing whatever you have been doingif not find Jesus, Buda, Krishna, Mohammad, anything but evilevil sucks and remains contained in your soul while you are here on earth and faithfully awaits your return when you die and come back here.

All demons on earth are human, in the old days they created scapegoats to carry sins away from the village. We need to blame external forces for our problemslike the devil, or Hitler, or Bush, or Clintonor ET.

We often project on others the hate and incompetence we have in our own soulsHitler was the face of a nation gone madthose millions of booths marching across Europe were not done by one manyet most only blame one man.

To scare away or appease these evil spirits humans have sacrificed animals and weaker humans on altars to the gods. Nevertheless, any evil person can mend their ways, and get back on track. Could it be possible that a soul was assigned to finding truth compliance with the other side of the coin? Your flaws if any will be as plain to you as a swollen thumb having been hit by a hammer.

Most know what bad ishate, envy, stealing, killing, lying, cheating, etc. Evil has to be earned it cannot be implanted or forced upon anyone. The only battles going on are between lower entities a few notches above humans and a few below, but mostly by human level types.

The concept of good and evil was created as a tool to weed out the bad apples, oranges, peaches and prunes. Most of us are not tested that close to home [i. Many have this crazy belief that they are not accountable for their actions, and in certain ways they are encourage to blame their shortcoming on othersand some end up doing so literally, with guns blazing, forked tongues wagging, and stupid pandering legislation that encourages more hate.

In reality sanity is something that exists on other planets and other places than earth. Age has nothing do with when we get off this rock; some are here a few weeks others are stuck here until they literally fall apart in some hellhole nursing home. Now, there are some who are assigned the gruesome task of grim reaper like the person you mentioned above, but many chose that path out of shear hatred that accumulated in their souls, and two birds are taken care of in those situationsthey act out their rage and in so doing perform a dreadful and perverse deedin the minds of us humans.

Most of us are going to be pushed to those limits [the point of indistinguishableness] some will snap, some will learn something about themselves just before they snapthat is a crucial juncture We must look at the bigger pictureno one escapes from their dirty deeds and some will pay for a long time, perhaps more than one life time for an act they commit in a few minutes. The victim more than likely never felt any pain regardless that it appeared so, and is now in a much, much better place than this prison.

Pain, Suffering, Agonisation: It is more agonisation to you and those who loved the person agonizing, often souls are removed from the body before all the suffering moves in, regardless of how it appears to us. Why do we need to suffer, for instance when a loved one dies or is hurt? There is no good reason for suffering yet know anyone that enjoys seeing others suffer?

Do we like it when the other team or person sustains injuries? Why the pain? And the more time you do on planets like earth the more pain you will have to endure. Why was this pain put upon human beings in the first place? Certainly not as a reward. Those who enjoy our pain have no power to create it unless we have been given over to them to be toyed with. Is ET garnering energy from us? As if we have any kind of energy they could use, or even wantin the cosmic realm we are lepers infected with hate envy and other chronic stinking diseases.

Suffering is wasted if we get nothing out of it, some of us do. Pain also serves a purpose. Both psychological and physiological pain identifies areas of distress and where work needs to be done via our cells in the physical application, and via higher or lower entities in the psychologicalmindsoul zones. A human body is designed for physical and mental pain and life will throw a bunch of pain at us.

We have to work at making our life less painful. Hate creates pain envy creates pain. Traffic, weather, mother nature on a rampage and unemployment creates pain. Life cares not if we enjoy ourselves or relish in our pain. Society, governments, mother Teresa nor John can make our pain go away.

Much of suffering is illusion, but you never know if there is a human type soul inside an animal receiving some payback. Do one to others and it will be doubly or more done back to you. No ifs, ands or buts. The good stuff works that way too. A few can. How is it done? Soul is superior, matter inferior. Very few on this planet are pure of heart and mind, and we all need to smooth those rough edges we have, and we do so with a mixture of soft souls and abrasive souls too.

Lust is like a food craving, we need food to remain alive, and we need lust to motivate us to contribute to the next generation of peopleand we are rewarded for that effortfor the most part.

Wal-Mart is a brick and mortar corporation and although it is an entity for tax and other legal purposes in the eyes of the law, it nevertheless is not a human and therefore not evil. Only people can be evil. Good and evil are confined to dimensions such as the one we are in while on this planet. So how would you propose I put that into mere words? We first must breach the barrier that keeps us from understanding the value of integrity--those able to jump through that hoop will glean a sliver of that strange soft stuff that the gods lay their head on.

Good and bad are what we do to ourselves or to othersand by doing so we give meaning to the words. All of us only have one master over us and we see that master every time we look in the mirroris that an evil master or a good master looking back at us?

Would I go down a level or two for doing bad things to evil people? Anyone able to discern an evil or a good soul has god like qualities and are not on earth unless they are on vacation, or on the job.

So how would any of us know if we were fighting against good or evil?


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En voici quelques extraits. Le vaisseau dont je me souviens le mieux avait des couloirs. Vous le feriez, vous? Nous sommes comme des fourmis qui nettoient un morceau de bonbon fondu sur le trottoir.


In League With A UFO

Good is the trickiest game of all. What force is above good and evil? Nothing is above "good". Evil and rage are lower level 3D poop.



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