Synopsis[ edit ] The stories are set almost entirely in what is now considered the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn; the location is widely misreported as Red Hook , where one story is set and parts of the movie were filmed. Each part is prefaced with a passage from the Bible. Another Day, Another Dollar: A gang of young Brooklyn hoodlums hang around an all-night cafe and get into a vicious fight with a group of US Army soldiers on leave. The Queen Is Dead: Georgette, a sassy transgender hooker, is thrown out of the family home by her brother and tries to attract the attention of a hoodlum named Vinnie at a benzedrine -driven party.

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Sex and pain are linked throughout the movie. Tralala gets beaten up a lot, too, both physically and mentally. She has been witness to so many loveless acts of sex that her own body is a thing apart. But love and sex do not connect in this movie. When Harry Black, the strike leader, finally admits he is gay and expresses his love for the drag queen, he finds, as the sailor does, that the person he loves cares only for money.

Eventually both Harry and Tralala end up in vacant lots, brutally punished, because of sex. The only difference is that Harry is attacked because he tries to have sex, and Tralala is punished through sex - through a horrifying gang rape. Is there any love in this movie? Yes, in a sense. The performances are strong, true, and not a little courageous. One of the best is by Jerry Orbach the Mafioso brother in " Crimes and Misdemeanors " who plays a union leader.

Last Exit to Brooklyn was banned as a book and resulted in several obscenity cases in both the United States and England. Remembering the book and now looking at the movie, I wonder what really upset people: Was it the sex, or just the lovelessness? The drugs, or just the despair? The violence, or its pointlessness?


Last Exit to Brooklyn



Last Exit to Brooklyn - Part IV: Tralala. Summary & Analysis


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