It was published by Shogakukan in April When initially released only 8, copies of the book were printed. A year after its publication, Japanese celebrity Kou Shibasaki wrote an article according it high praise: "I read it thoroughly even though it made me cry. I wished to have a relationship as such in my life. By May over 3 million copies were sold, exceeding the sales record of Norwegian Wood , previous record keeper of the biggest issue in Japan since In , a movie derived from the novel was presented, and Shibasaki acted in it.

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The Japanese have mastered the art of poetry, but also longer works, too. Some of the oldest novels come from this small island nation. Here are our top picks for Japanese authors you should add to your library — most if not all have had their work translated into English.

Kyoichi Katayama Katayama is most known for his heartwrenching lovestory, Socrates in Love. When his editors told him the original title would not work, they came up with Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World. In English, it was published under the title Socrates in Love. A year after it was published, a celebrity actress, Kou Shibasaki , mentioned it as a guest writer for a pop culture literary magazine. His best-selling books have been translated into fifty languages, made into movies and adapted for the stage.

A good introductory read for Murakami is Kafka on the Shore. Her writings are a voice for struggling youth in Japan. Her seemingly simple descriptions of dreams or the smell of food hint at the deeper meaning within.

Her books Kitchen and Goodbye Tsugumi were made into movies. Yoshimoto has been writing for thirty years and has no plans to slow down. Born Kimitake Hiraoke, Mishima showed an interest in writing from a young age. Nevertheless, Mishima went on to write Confessions of a Mask in his early twenties, and the book earned him national fame.

Mishima died by ritual seppuku samurai-style suicide in after a failed coup. It is known as the Mishima Incident. She earned a law degree from Seikei University and dabbled in various professions before committing to writing. He remains a prominent figure in the contemporary Japanese literature cannon.

He received death threats twice in his life. Once, when his politically-charged novellas Seventeen and The Death of a Political Youth were serialized in a literary magazine. She has had multiple horror, fantasy and crime novels translated into English, including Crossfire and All She Was Worth. In Japan , meanwhile, Brave Story was made into an animated film, a video game series and retold in a manga adaption.


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