It describes the sacrifices and hardships a family from East Punjab had to face in the aftermath of partition and how even very close Sikh friends and neighbors betrayed their Muslim compatriots. Though fictional, Naseem Hijazi has painted a vivid picture with historical accuracy to create a powerful expression. Apr 24, Zaigum rated it it was amazing I was in 6th grade when I read this, obviously it is in Urdu but I wish people could read its translated version as well if it exists. This is one of the books that set me on the path of reading.

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He belonged to an Arain family. After the creation of Pakistan, Naseem Hijazi migrated to Pakistan. He stayed in Lahore and spent his whole life. He passed away on 2 March , Lahore. He wrote near 19 novels. Mostly his books revolve around the Islamic history background. No doubt, he was a great novel writer. Naseem Hijazi is most popular among Urdu books lover. He wrote below mentioned books.

Moreover, you can read online or download all the Naseem Hijazi Novels by clicking the book name. Sultan Mehmood came near 17 times in Indo-Pak and paved the way for Muslim conquerors. This novel also described the This story also described the condition of Indo-Pak at the time and evils of the Hindu caste system. The book revolves around the most historic victory of Somnath.

Khak Aur Khoon wrote in the context of the separation of Pakistan. It described the great migration from India to Pakistan.

Hindus and Sikhs have mascaraed the Muslims. More than 20 Million People have damaged. Yousaf Bin Tashfin was the ruler of the Almoravid Empire. It is another excellent history Islamic novel by Naseem Hijazi. But, he did not get much help from the Muslim rulers. As he removed from the scene, Mongols invaded Baghdad. It is an excellent novel for book lovers. Gumshuda Qaafley described the British rule on Indo-Pakistan.

It described the condition and events of the Sub-continent before the partition. This novel ends where Pardasi Darakhat Novel starts. The primary focus of the novel a few early years before the creation of Pakistan.

In Qaisar-o-Kisra wrote the situation of Byzantine—Sasanian empires. Both consider the superpowers before the arrival of Islam. This book also describes the rise of Islam in Arabia. It described the life of a Muslim Mujahid.

But, Muslims lost their rules in Andalus. Naseem Hijazi mentioned the reasons and conditions why Muslims lost their vast empire in Europe. This book considered the 2nd part of Kaleesa Aur Aag. In this book, the writer described the Christians tortured on Muslims. They declared no Muslim can stay in Spain. If they stayed, they would join Christianity. Haider Ali was the great ruler of Mysore. He set up a solid Mysore state and defeated British, Maratha, and Nizaam.

Tipu Sultan lost the wars due to the betrayal of his ministers. In this book, he points out the ancient India condition and the evil caste system. Hindu upper class suppressed the lower caste and considered not human. Qafla e Hijaz another great Islamic history novel of Naseem Hijazi. In this book, he described the Muslim victories in Iraq and Iran. This novel described the era of Hazrat Umar and the condition of Iranian.

Shaheen Shaheen Novel told the story of the Muslim downfall in Spain. This book revolves around a young Muslim, Abul Hassan. He launched the guerrilla war against Christians.


Khaak O Khoon

He belonged to an Arain family. After the creation of Pakistan, Naseem Hijazi migrated to Pakistan. He stayed in Lahore and spent his whole life. He passed away on 2 March , Lahore.


Khak Aur Khoon Part4 Novel By Naseem Hijazi


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