Background[ edit ] Begum Bilquis was born on 12 December , in Rawalpindi town, close to her small ancestral village of Wah in northern Punjab , Pakistan. During her study, she began noticing that the prophet Jesus was mentioned in several places within the Muslim scriptures and thought that reading his teachings might be beneficial. Unfamiliar with the life of Jesus, she began researching further, turning to other sources that were referenced in the text. She asked her chauffeur , who was a Christian man, to bring her a Bible , to which he obliged. Sheikh was intrigued by biblical passages that were alien to her Muslim faith and became drawn to research further.

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Author by : Leonard I. Mullins Languange : en Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read : 72 Total Download : File Size : 42,8 Mb Description : In an amazingly brief format, the author presents a broad spectrum of new fundamental ideas about the world in which we live, existence of man, and the human relationships.

In a display of unexpected ideas, the book separates Our world from the rest of the universe. This bold statement helps us to realize that the current views of the dominance of uncertainty and chaos are valid for the cosmic universe.

While our world is characterized by Causality and Order, The order is based upon and is manifested by the Existence of natural objects.

The new worldview described in this book advances knowledge in the areas of our immediate interest, such as health, behavior, and the human relationships. The book refutes the opinion that science has exhausted its capacities and opportunities for advancement.

Progress in our understanding of the phenomena of Existence should promote renaissance in science as well as in philosophy, religion and art the sources of knowledge in the sphere of the phenomena of Existence. The book is addressed to those who are interested in science, philosophy and education, and to the intellectuals independently of their profession or occupation.

New thoroughly substantiated scientifico-philosophical Ideas establishing the Order of Reason, Morals and Law serve as a Guidance for every Human Individual in times when uncertainty and chaos approached their apogee.


Bilquis Sheikh

Written by Bilquis Sheikh it is the story of her journey to Christianity. Bilquis Sheikh is a wealthy, upper-class woman living in a palatial home surrounded by a lush garden in Wah, Pakistan. Bilquis also known as the Begum is a wealthy, respected Muslim woman who is greatly respected and revered by the townspeople. In fact, she is well known throughout her entire country.


I Dared to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter with God


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