The probes are guaranteed for one year. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement free of charge. Damages due to accident, misuse, tampering or lack of pre- scribed maintenance are not covered. If service is required, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the instrument. If under warranty, report the model number, date of purchase, serial number and the nature of the failure. If the repair is not covered by the warranty, you will be notified of the charges incurred.

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A representative will contact you within the next 2 hours. Dissolved oxygen is a commonly measured parameter in aquaculture, wastewater treatment, environmental studies, and wine analysis. The HI is a rugged, water-resistant dissolved oxygen DO meter designed to provide precision and accuracy under harsh environmental conditions.

The meter features a manual one point calibration, automatic temperature compensation, and salinity and altitude compensation. The HI includes a galvanic probe with replaceable high-density polyethylene HDPE membrane caps and a protective shield.

The salinity compensation allows for the determination of dissolved oxygen even in salty waters making this an ideal meter for aquaculture applications. The HI is supplied complete and ready to use. Features at a Glance Replaceable Membrane Caps - The pretensioned high-density polyethylene HDPE membranes employ a screw cap design that can be changed quickly by simply filling with the HI electrolyte fill solution and screwing onto the DO probe.

The probe is comprised of a silver cathode and zinc anode in an electrolyte solution held in place over the surface of the electrodes by a polymer membrane. Oxygen diffuses across the membrane and the system establishes a current proportional to the concentration of dissolved oxygen present. Automatic Temperature Compensation - All readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations with a high accuracy, built-in linearized thermistor temperature sensor behind a stainless steel cover.

Altitude Compensation - The HI allows for altitude compensation for up to meters with a meter resolution.


Portable Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Meter



Hanna Instruments HI 9147 Instruction Manual


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