Andrew rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Feb 13, Skater11 rated it it was amazing. Feb 11, Evelina rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Students are to learn about psychedelics and culture of cannabis: Abhishek rated it liked it May 23, Dallas Blackstock rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Hairy Pothead thinks he is an ordinary boy — until he is rescued by a biker, gets a glass bong, rides the Magic Bus, lives in a Cannabis Castle, attends Hempwards Pithead of Herbcraft and Weedery, learns to play Qannabbi, does battle with a policeman, and smokes tons of marijuana. Want to Read saving…. Books by Dana Larsen.

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For the first few lessons they had been covering the basics of joint use: how to roll, when and how to pass, keeping the circle, and common toking errors such as fish-lipping, microphoning, and premature stubbing of a viable roach. Hairy loved learning all the different ways to prepare and smoke marijuana.

Yet in some ways Hairy hated coming to Toker Etiquette as much as he did Extractions. This is because Toker Etiquette was the only other class that Growindor had together with the Snytcherins. Professor McGanjagal had asked them to bring their personal glass bongs to the next class, and insisted that they be completely cleaned and fresh for the lesson.

Hairy had scrubbed his Double Bubbler clean as new, using rock salt and isopropyl alcohol as McGanjagal had suggested. To start the class, McGanjagal had all the students fill their bongs with water and then hold them up for inspection. Next comes the Breather. Cover the mouthpiece with your hand and catch your breath. Finally you take the Hit, where you take your thumb off of the carb hole and suck the smoke into your lungs. He reached up and took a spitball out of his dreads, then looked back and saw Narco smiling malevolently, a straw in his hand.

As McGanjagal moved on to Shakey Bagbottom, Hairy sat with his eyes closed, fuming and wondering how to get Narco off his back. Suddenly, he heard a spluttering, and saw that Shakey was gagging and coughing uncontrollably.

He had somehow inhaled a lungful of bongwater and seemed to be spurting it out of his nose! McGanjagal took the bong from his hands and helped him to his feet. Shakey could barely stand, he was coughing and hacking up bongwater and phlegm as McGanjagal held him and supported his weight.

There is to be no unsupervised bong usage until I return. Hairy glanced over at Gon, then opened his textbook and began to read. He was immediately interrupted by the sneering voice of Narco. Looks like your star pupil Shakey likes bongwater better than smoke. Cry to your mummy? Before Hairy could stop him, Finke had tossed the bong carelessly through the air to Narco, who cought it easily in one hand. Hairy was enraged. Narco froze as Hairy managed to catch the bong safely, and stuffed a bud inside the bowl.

The rest of the class applauded as Hairy evened the score against Narco. He drew in a massive toke, staring fixedly at Narco the whole time. Everyone back to your desks, now! He sat down at his desk and placed his now dirty and obviously used bong on his desk in front of him. He glanced back at Narco, and saw him smirking as he slid out the removable glass bowl from his dragon bong, and slipped in a clean one from his pocket.

Who disobeyed me? Hairy felt his face growing red with embarassement, and with the lack of oxygen as he still held his breath. Hairy felt as if he was going to burst, and he knew he would be in trouble when she saw his dirty bong, but he still did not let himself exhale. Inside, Hairy seethed at how Narco had manipulated the situation so that now Hairy would be the one facing punishment. McGanjagal swept along without looking back at him, and Hairy struggled to keep up.

He felt terrible, sure he was about to receive some horrible punishment, or perhaps even be expelled. He felt his paranoia rising as the cannabinoids from the massive hit continued to flood his bloodstream and make his heart race. McGanjagal led him down unfamiliar corridors until they stopped outside another classroom, where she opened the door and poked her head inside.

Was Olfyber Hurd going to help in punishing Hairy? She led them both to the end of the hall, and into an empty classroom. He held in a huge blast for at least three minutes without straining.

Olfyber suddenly looked at Hairy like all his dreams had come true at once. Do you understand Hairy? Each team has five players. Each team begins with a set amount of unmanicured marijuana buds. The actual amount depends on the level of play, usually around an ounce for a standard match, and up to four ounces for full-on international tournaments.

Your team gets penalized if you clip away too much bud, the rules are very strict. No tools are allowed except for a standard hand grinder. The Rollpacker will be rolling the ground-up buds into joints, and also packing the bong and vaporizer for faster toking.

The Toker has to inhale the smoke or vapour from every single bit of bud. The Toker must have lungs of iron and a perfect ability to maintain their high and not get the giggles or munchies in the middle of a game.


Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone



Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone


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