Trawling the depths of forgotten fiction, films, and beyond, with yer pal, Joe Kenney Monday, September 19, Goodbye, Janette, by Harold Robbins August, Pocket Books I read this Harold Robbins novel in the manner of my forefathers: I took it with me on vacation. And it was a sad way for him to go, as the novel is truly the work of a bored, burned-out writer. This time, to save himself from having to come up with a plotline for an entire novel which as we saw in Dreams Die First resulted in utter chaos , Robbins instead splits the book into four sections. We start off in WWII-era Paris, our protagonist the lovely Tanya, a young Polish widow who escapes the concentration camps due to her command of various languages. Tanya is also able to keep her infant daughter Janette with her, working as a translator for a non-Nazi German businessman named Wolfgang who has been placed in charge of various companies in occupied Paris. But good gravy.

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Sunday, October 12, Goodbye, Janette - Harold Robbins With one leap, he caught her arm before she reached the door. He dragged her back into the room. They get spanked!

His hand rose and fell with an even rhythm. At first there was pain, then she felt a warmth spreading through her buttocks into her loins. Her cries began to turn to a soft moan. Pocket Books This dramatic little scene between father and step-daughter occurs early on in Goodbye, Janette. Published in it got a deserved spanking by critics but still managed to sell well. The action mainly occurs in Paris and is drenched in Eurotrash bad behavior and overflowing with characters with deep pockets and shallow brains.

Tanya is brought to Paris by a kindly German officer named Wolfgang, who is jettisoned from the novel rather quickly. In his place is the cad Maurice, who marries Tanya as a business arrangement of sorts.

Right off the bat we can see that Maurice is a dick. And so can Tanya. But then she gets a glimpse his certain special humongous endowment and goes weak in the knees in expectations.

Maurice, in addition to being a cad, is also bi-sexual. And he gets off on sadomasochism. Anyway, Janette grows up into a sullen teen who shares a twisted relationship with Maurice that eventually results in her becoming a sex slave to him and his transvestite boyfriend, Jerry.

He smiled, "Remember, Janette, without pain there is no pleasure. Janette grows into a beautiful woman, and something of a ruthless headcase, thanks to her messed up childhood. Tanya leaves the novel in a failed attempt at killing Maurice. But before she departs, she gives Janette a younger sister, Lauren. Janette, meanwhile takes over control of various business interests involving cosmetics and fashion.

There is a lot of financial skulduggery and kinky sex talk that move the novel along, but none of it particularly interesting. Instead one reads the book mostly to see if Robbins is going to throw more crazy sex stuff into the game like he did in the first sections of the novel.

Lauren returns to Paris to visit her big sister Janette, and gets involved with a creepy English fop in a doomed relationship. Posted by.


Goodbye, Janette



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