Description Specifications [ edit ] The game system introduced a unique character generation system that helped it to stand out from other Role-playing games of the time. Players took their characters through a career development path usually in the military where the character rolled for different assignments and gained extra skills, rank and retirement benefits. Leaving a character in service for longer before the game would lead to more skills and beginning cash but could also mean that basic attributes such as strength would begin to degrade with old age. The game became known for its character generation system in which characters could die before a player finished rolling them up. Overview Synopsis[ edit ] The Classic Traveller core rules actually exist in three different rulesets. Logic would suggest using the most recent released edition; but in this case, there are rules elements of interest to the collector which would not be included.

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Dozuru Some systems use two or three six-sided dice, while others use multiple six-sided dice or a twenty-sided die. Claassic character generation for naval characters, including the academy, and medical school, and 5 new skills.

Nice condition with minimal wear. The core rules originally came as a box set of three little black books, and were later compiled into a single volume rulebook. GDW Books only, not including the adventures or other books. Each listing indicates service rank, age, cash balance, skills, and mustering dgw benefits.

This article has multiple issues. Everything from political intrigue to action-packed mercenary actions, trading or scientific exploration is possible, and a lot more besides. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Target numbers are typically determined by the referee, who takes into account task difficulty, skill level, and a characteristic.

Later supplements and updated versions of the main game system introduced full sized booklets, complete re-writes of the game system and significant changes to the Third Imperium. Traveller RPG 10 Great travelelr to pick from. The Droyne, Solomani, Hivers, and Darrian. Published by Imperium Games inT4 is set in the early days of the Third Imperium Milieu 0with the small, newly formed empire surrounded by regressed or barbaric worlds.

The original version was designed and published by GDW in Contents include over 25 different ship classes ranging in size from 50 tons totons. TNE introduced Virusa silicon chip-life form that infected and took over computers. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. With its companion booklet, Library Data A-Mthis booklet completes the basic encyclopedia of the Traveller universe.

This adventure is written for the beginner and touches briefly on many different aspects of the science fiction role-playing possibilities within Traveller. The Ancients were a major race in the distant past; their ruins dot planets throughout charted space and their artifacts are more technically advanced than those of any existing civilization.

Other general characteristics also exist, such as psionics and sanity. Included are detailed deck plans, tables of organization and equipment for the strike team aboard, and four exciting scenarios one for use with High Guard and three for use with Mercenary and Striker! By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number.

Each character is numbered consecutively within the chapter to allow random selection using die rolls. Once that is done, you are ready to begin. GDW List — Traveller claszic Additional supplements flesh out rules further, including a revision to High Guard to handle all starship design. The answer lies hidden somewhere, and the clues are all around. Depending on their choice, characters can be psionic.

Mongoose Publishing released a sourcebook for the setting in that adapted it to their version of the Traveller rules. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Buy at Amazon Adventure 1: Archived from the original on Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Traveller GDW Maybe, but the job leads your group across several parsecs, into conflict with the Imperial authorities, and onto the trail of a ton starship. When starships are in trouble, they use it like SOS or Mayday. Now this award-winning series is again available Step aboard the merchant cruiser Leviathan, for a trading voyage in search of new markets lcassic personal fortunes.

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Classic Traveller

Copyright — Far Future Enterprises. Classic Traveller Main Books Series by cover. Out there, in a research station in the middle of the sea, its sister and brother are being held for terrible experiments, vivisection, ultimately death! Complete information is provided gew character generation, including explanations of skills not dealt with in other books in the Traveller series, and descriptions of special mustering out benefits. Over twenty blank Traveller forms ready to photocopy or print in quantity, to record character data, subsector and sector mapping, animal encounter tables, starship design, and cargo shipping.


List of Traveller Books



Episode 6: Classic Traveller by GDW


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