However, this proved to be far more than a revision; it ended up being a much-needed overhaul. Gone are the days of clunky psionic feats. A new mechanic, that of becoming psionically focused, was introduced and works flawlessly. Gone is the overly-complicated psionic combat system, which was rarely used in practice. This book includes a new set of mechanics, six psionic races, psionic versions of three core races, four classes, tons of feats nine of which are usable in a non-psionic campaign , nine psionic prestige classes, nineteen psionic monsters, psionic versions of four core monsters, and even spells for magic-users!

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Average Rating 2 ratings Tap into the Power of the Mind Through sheer force of will, a psionic character can unleash awesome powers that rival any physical force or magical energy. Within these pages, you will discover the secrets of unlocking the magic of the mind - the art of psionics. Psionic rules changed to a fully point-based system that allows low-level powers to remain formidable and useful even to high-level characters.

The book also includes a number of new races, skills, feats, classes, prestige classes, psionic items, and monsters. Refining the basics. The change in psionics rules was almost universally welcomed by psionics fans, who felt that the previous rules had not allowed them enough flexibility or power. The previous Psionics Handbook suffered somewhat from having powers linked to key ability scores for each psionic discipline. Players found that this fostered "MAD" "Multiple Ability Dependency" , requiring psionic characters to have many high ability scores in order to be effective.

In striving toward balance, the original 3e Psionics Handbook may have erred on the side of creating weak player characters. The second time around, Cordell chose a different approach. The Expanded Psionics Handbook keyed prime ability scores to classes instead of powers. The four base psionic classes covered most of the archetypes a psionic character might want to play.

The psion is mage-like, eschewing physical attacks in favor of mental abilities and able to summon astral constructs shaped by the mind itself. The soulknife is roguish, attacking with blades made of of hardened thought. Finally, the wilder is closest to a sorcerer, choosing fewer psionic abilities but gaining the ability to improve them through emotional "wild surges.

The Expanded Psionics Handbook fully integrated psionics into the game world. Nine psionic races a mixture of old races, such as duergar and thri kreen, and brand new races such as xeph and maenads , over 30 psionic monsters including intellect devourers and psionic mind flayers , and a new series of psionic items filled the book.

Nine prestige classes rounded out the mix. The result was a fun, playable system that perhaps tended toward excessive flexibility at higher levels. In addition to this rulebook, the 3. About the Creators. Bruce R. Additional design by David Noonan. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Expanded Psionics Handbook



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