Because most enchanters prefer the quiet of a town such as Accardi over the hustle and bustle of a larger city, Accardi has become a center of the magic industry. The Accardi Guild of Enchanters is one of the most influential in the entire land, and has given rise to such famous magic-users as the Wizard of Frobozz and Belboz. Heavily involved with the hollowing of an ancient volcano in the Eastlands , his job was related to the safety factors involved in constructing caverns over very weak rock strata. He also authored the book "Construction of the Empire".

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Plot[ edit ] Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive certainly earned his nickname. Never one to do things on a small scale, when Dimwit decided in GUE to have a statue erected in his honor, it had to be the largest statue ever. This angered a local resident of Fublio Valley where the statue was built , Megaboz the Magnificent, who cast a deadly curse over Dimwit, the royal family, and the entire Empire before disappearing.

Zork Zero prelude in Windows Frotz interpreter. The compass rose at the top highlights available exits. Some room descriptions had icons, also used in dynamic maps. Present when Megaboz appears and casts his fateful curse, the player manages to grab a small piece of parchment left behind in the chaos. The reigning monarch, Wurb Flathead, has sent out a call in desperation: anyone who can save the Empire will be given half its riches!

Predictably, this results in an avalanche of crackpot treasure seekers, none of whom have any more luck than did the royal sorcerers.

As the game begins in earnest, it is Mumberbur Curse Day. The erstwhile curse-breakers have fled, along with everyone else in Flathead Castle. The player, a descendant of the servant from the prelude, awakes on the floor of the castle armed only with the scrap of parchment. Two items belonging to each of the "accursed twelve" that is, Dimwit Flathead and his eleven siblings must be placed into the cauldron and the magic word must be spoken.

The game revolves around gathering these twenty-four objects and discovering the magic word. To accomplish this, the player will play the legendary game of Double Fanucci, travel to every corner of the Empire, solve a collection of riddles and logic puzzles, and visit the enormous statue that started all this trouble. There are even visits to locations such as the top of the world, and under the world from which the player can fall.

Flamingos , magic, bottomless pits and a unique sense of humor all feature along the way. If you leave the castle and pass the perimeter wall, you arrive at the opening scene of Zork 1. Feelies[ edit ] Like most other Infocom games, Zork Zero comes with feelies : a printed calendar titled "The Flathead Calendar " with portraits and biographies of the Twelve Flatheads also usable as a calendar [3] , folded blueprints with a yellow Post-it note attached, and a scrap of parchment.

Since completing the game requires information revealed only in these feelies, they serve to discourage unauthorized copying. Zork Zero includes a mini-game to play Double Fanucci against the jester. Double Fanucci is a fictional card game mentioned throughout the Zork series.

A game of tremendous complexity and almost infinite rules, King Mumberthrax proclaimed it the national sport of the Empire in GUE. The annual Double Fanucci Championships, held in Borphee during early autumn, frequently leave thousands homeless. It is immensely complicated, parodying card games with complex rules in a manner similar to Fizzbin or Mornington Crescent.

Try as he might, Babe could not master Double Fanucci. Even the unexplained disappearance of the leading Double Fanucci players failed to get Babe into the championships. Otherwise, the mini-game will continue until when the score of the player or the jester exceeds points, but "by Rules Committee Amendment , the game is suspended and must be replayed in its entirety, except during a Frotz Moon or in a six-player game where at least three of the players are of Mithican ancestry.


Encyclopedia Frobozzica

Our love would have lasted forever; we swore this to each other. But they lied to us, cheated us, and finally took her away from me, bent on using her, wrecking her like a replaceable cog in the sick machinery of their experimentation. This woman died giving birth and Elizabeth raised the child as her own. The affair was concealed and most were ignorant of her not being the true mother.



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