The "correct" answers to these questions, according to the test developers, have a common theme running through them. In some areas, such as Pennsylvania, schools which administered such tests have later received "supplementary" instructional materials to be used in short-term programs. Although Pennsylvania Department of Education officials maintained that the tests did not contain affective questions, the "supplementary" materials made no pretense of the fact that their purpose was to "remediate student attitudes. Moreover, because these supplementary materials were delivered to schools through Intermediate Education Districts, they were not necessarily put through any review at the local level as to their appropriateness. Recently, tests began requiring students to supply their social security number, in direct contravention of the federal Pupil Privacy Act which President Clinton is rumored to be considering eliminating. Why should the SSN be necessary?

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Fourteen years ago. I read the 4th Edition Everything mentioned in this book that was present in was originally planned in Everything mentioned in the book for future plans has come to pass and is fully implemented today Public Law Section expressly forbids the federal government establishing or developing curriculum. Public Law , Title I, Section , no.

Sample question: I have had no difficulty in starting or holding my bowels or urine. Jacob Moreno, who pioneered the use of the strategy with severely disturbed mental patients in the s. In response to an inquiry Asst.

The goal of education today is "functional literacy" or "minimum competency". What we hear so often today about the populace that they are "useful idiots. And, we can see the students in the inner cities can barely do that.

Elitists pick the leaders, not based on intelligence but by their attitude. The leaders, though, are not told they were picked so as not to destroy their ego. Obama is a picked "leader. They can never be "their own man. Fourteen years later, today they have succeeded. Three elitists groups control the vast percentage of all the forms of media. Time-Out Boxes are used where children are placed in boxes for one class period to a full day while other students throw in trash and grass.

Some children have had to be taken to child psychologists to undo the damage. Parents either know nothing of this or are too afraid of the all-powerful educational elites. Suicide rates among children have tripled since "Suicide Prevention" programs have been introduced. The students are taught that suicide is a way out to avoid unsolvable problems.

Illegitimacy and venereal disease rates have gone up since explicit sex education was introduced in the schools. Because of the failure of the program the suggestion was; "More explicit sex education at still younger ages.

Only one mother had the gumption to discipline her rioting child in all of the thousands of parents in Baltimore. Believe me, there is a better way. By merely not voting for those who have kept you there for years.

When in , the suggestion that the schools should not be molded to the will of a small elite None were. Here we have a country whose greatest educational achievement of the past two decades has been to turn out functional and cultural illiterates.

We have change agents posing as teachers, teachers posing as therapists, and therapists posing as curriculum specialists. What else could possibly go wrong? Has any school forms you filled out asked for their SS?

Violation of their constitutional rights. I put a sticky only at the most egregious points of contention. Although I marked 43 areas I only mentioned a few here. The reason is that I got to the point that I wanted to go outside, bury myself in the snow until I froze to death.


Educating for the New World Order



Educating for the 'New World Order'




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