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This island chain is considered a myth to most of those on Krynn, and is the home of the good dragons. Spine of Taladas The Spine of Taladas is a coral island chain located southwest of Taladas but northeast of the undersea Watermere. The Irda island of Anaiatha was once here, but broke off during the Cataclysm. The remainder of that island is called Selasia , and is the largest island in the Spine. History of Krynn The vast majority of known history is written from the perspectives of those on Ansalon—this history continues that format.

The inclusion of a Taladas history will be forthcoming, but much is still unknown. Age of Starbirth The Age of Starbirth began with the High God calling the three principle gods, Paladine, Gilean, and Takhisis, to rule the world and to select their companion deities.

Reorx shapes Krynn and creates the first dragons under the guidance of Paladine and Takhisis. This is followed by several wars over the destinies of the newly-formed creatures, culminating in a truce between the warring factions of dieties. Additionally, the Graygem is forged by Reorx.

Age of Dreams The Age of Dreams is often considered the beginning of recorded history, and runs ca. Three time periods collectively form the Age of Dreams : the Foundation ca. In addition to the creation of humans, elves, gnomes, and ogres, the first civilizations are formed. With the rise of the elves under Silvanos in approximately PC, the First Dragon War is fought when Silvanos brings his people to a forest inhabited by the chromatic dragons.

The elves won the war with five dragon stones , provided by the gods of magic, which captured the spirits of the first dragons, and were subsequently buried, ending the war. In the centuries following, many civilizations are created, including the kender nation of Balifor , the dwarven kingdom of Kal-Thax and the minotaur realms of Mithas and Kothas.

Unfortunately, while delving their realm of Kal-Thax, the dwarves unwittingly unearth the dragon stones, and release the dragons, resulting in the Second Dragon War. Several mages unleash immense magical power to open the earth and defeat the dragons, but also causing massive destruction at the same time. As a result, the gods of magic take the three mages to the Lost Citadel where they are taught the rules of magic. The Kinslayer War is also fought between an expanding Empire of Ergoth and the growing elven kingdom of Silvanesti ; after countless deaths over many years, the war ends in a truce with the signing of the Swordsheath Scroll and the founding of the elven nation of Qualinesti in the west.

As a symbol of elven, human and dwarven cooperation, the citadel of Pax Tharkas is created, and peace reigns for many years, until civil war erupts in the Empire of Ergoth. The Rose Rebellion , led by Vinas Solamnus , culminates in the schizm of Ergoth and the creation of the nation of Solamnia and the Knights of Solamnia.

Solamnia quickly rose in power, ushering in an era of learning, symbolized by the growth of Palanthas and the construction of the Great Library. The nations of Istar and Sancrist are formed.

Ergoth continued its decline as Silvanesti withdrew from the world. Takhisis began the Third Dragon War by sending her dragons across Ansalon in massive numbers. The Wizards of High Sorcery created the dragon orbs in order to defend their Towers.

Huma Dragonbane and the silver dragon Heart sacrificed their lives to defeat Takhisis, who agreed to depart Krynn as long as the world was whole. The rise of Istar began with the protection of the city during the Third Dragon War by a priest of Paladine, endearing the god to the local populace. As the population grew, the nation of Istar began to establish trade with the dwarven kingdoms and other nations of the world.

Two towers are destroyed but the wizards agree to exile themselves to the Tower of Wayreth , ending the conflict. Istar begins using mind readers to ensure that no one is thinking evil thoughts. Ultimately, Kingpriest Beldinas prepares to ascend to godhood with the aid of the Disks of Mishakal. The people of Istar applaud the effort and are sent Thirteen Warnings by the gods to warn them of their folly.

Age of Despair The fallout from the Cataclysm lasts for centuries. Plague and famine wrack the lands. Beleaguered hill dwarves and humans attempt to gain entry to Thorbardin for food and begin the Dwarfgate War , resulting in the destruction of both armies and the fortress Zhaman. Waking the chromatic dragons, Takhisis instructs them to steal the eggs of the metallic dragons, ransoming their children for their agreement not to participate in the upcoming war.

Draconians are created from the captured metallic dragon eggs and used to bolster the Dragonarmies. While the Dragonarmies gather their might, the Companions pursue separate leads in search of the lost gods. The few remaining free nations send representatives to Whitestone Glade to discuss an alliance. The good dragons enter the war with a vengeance upon learning the fate of their children. The Dragonarmies falter, and the armies of the Whitestone Council lay siege to Kalaman. The Temple of Neraka explodes, and the dragonarmies collapse in the ensuing power struggle.

The War of the Lance ends. In the years following the war, Lord Ariakan , a Dragonarmy prisoner of war, is released by the Knights of Solamnia. The Knights of Takhisis begin their conquest of Ansalon, which frightens the few remaining Irda. The Irda break the Graygem and free Chaos, who destroys their island before retreating to gather his strength. Silvanoshei, child of Porthios and Alhana, is born. The Knights of Takhisis occupy most of Ansalon within a month but before they can secure their lands, the return of Chaos heralds the start of the Chaos War.

Forces of good and evil alike are destroyed by the minions of Chaos. Reorx, with help from Palin Majere , Usha , and Tasslehoff, retrieve the broken pieces of the Graygem. The few remaining Knights of Takhisis join forces with their former Solamnic prisoners in mounting an attack against Chaos himself. This is used as leverage to force Chaos to leave Krynn.

The gods supposedly agree to leave Krynn as well, but this is nothing more than a trick by Takhisis. She takes the guise of Fizban, an avatar of Paladine, and explains to Palin and Usha that the gods had to agree to leave Krynn as well.

Both clerical and wizardly magic vanish. Takhisis tells Palin that another type of magic exists and that the Age of Mortals has begun, then she retreats to gather her strength and await the next phase of her plan. Dalamar the Dark secretly moves the Tower of Palanthas to Nightlund before Khellendros , the blue overlord, can attack it. Malystryx , the red overlord, kills thousands of kender at Kendermore before Riverwind distracts her; many of those kender near the destruction become afflicted kender.

The Dragon Overlords learn how to absorb the spirits of slain dragons and the Dragon Purge begins. A new form of clerical magic, Power of the Heart , is discovered by Goldmoon , who founds the Citadel of Light ; similarly, Palin Majere discovered wild sorcery and founded the Academy of Sorcery to instruct students in its use.

At roughly the same time, the Orders of High Sorcery are disbanded. In 39 SC, a great storm sweept over Ansalon, beginning the War of Souls and calling to the dragons in hiding as a result of the Dragon Purge. Out of the storm, a woman, Mina , appeared to a group of Knights of Neraka and proclaimed her devotion to the One God , and began forming an army. Reunited with Palin, the two escape and are pursued by Beryl, seeking both Tasslehoff and the device.

Cyan Bloodbane , creator of the shield, is killed and Silvanoshei uproots the Shield Tree , destroying the shield. The Qualinesti elves leave their land in secret and begin an exiled march to Silvanesti. Beryl is killed by a joint dwarven and elven ambush in Qualinost , but the city is destroyed, creating Nalis Aren , or lake of death.

Goldmoon journeys to the Tower of Nightlund where she meets Mina, who reveals that Takhisis never abandoned the world and exists as the One God. Raistlin Majere then used Tasslehoff and his time-traveling device to form a link to Krynn so that the other gods can return. A smitten Silvanoshei heads to Sanction after Mina, and Alhana leads the elves to Sanction to rescue her son. As the elves are away, minotaurs attack and seize Silvanesti. Tasslehoff and his allies journey to the single moon and free the captured metallic dragons.

Tasslehoff returns to his own time and dies, completing the link between the old Krynn and the new. As Takhisis prepares to enter Krynn, the gods strip her of her godhood; Paladine is stripped of his as well to maintain the balance. Takhisis prepares to kill Mina but is herself slain by the love-struck Silvanoshei, who is in turn killed by Mina.

The single pale moon is replaced by the familiar triple moons and the old stars return to the sky, except the constellations of Paladine and Takhisis.

Presently, the world is undergoing considerable turmoil as the after effects from the War of Souls play out across both Ansalon and Taladas. Moons of Krynn.


Dragonlance Timeline

The city of Chidell is also founded around this time. He is succeeded by his son Sithel as ruler of Silvanesti. Makel is named minotaur emperor and goes on to rule for forty years. The Pakin faction is ousted completely and the Ackal faction returned to power under Ackal Dermount. Later the same year, however, she is herself deposed by Ackal Dermount III and the Ackal dynasty restored to the throne. The minotaur nation is thrown into more than a century of civil war, known as the Age of Pretenders. His eldest son and successor takes the regnal name Pakin II , hoping to assuage the rivalling Pakin dynasty.


Age of Mortals Era

World Edit The Dragonlance world is described in dozens of books and novels. The setting contains numerous characters , an extensive timeline, and a detailed geography. Setting Edit Dragonlance is set on the world of Krynn. The majority of the novels take place in the various regions of Ansalon , a small continent, though some have taken place on the continent of Taladas, located northeast of Ansalon.


Age of Mortals Campaign

For the sourcebook, see Age of Mortals sourcebook. The Age of Mortals begins with the fallout from the Chaos War and the theft of the world by Takhisis , and continues to the present. This history runs ca. The Dragon Overlords appear on Krynn. Dalamar the Dark secretly moves the Tower of Palanthas to Nightlund before Khellendros , the blue overlord, can attack it.

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