Shelves: favorites , paranormal-romance , tormented-heroine , vampire , kickbutt-heroine , family , heroine-i-adore , enemies-to-lovers , owned-copy , fugitive I am really sad to see this series concluding, although I am happy to see everyone get a satisfying ending. I didnt like the closet hookup, and the uneventful sex; and I wasnt sure I could buy them falling deeply in love in their book. But, I figured that Ms. Ione would have something up her sleeve to turn things around.

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Sin Undone Demonica 5 17 Larissa Ione He had the strangest impulse to put his mouth on hers, to kiss her until she burned and tasted only Con. The varcolac are a risk. He let his hand fall back to his side. She shrugged. Before, we were just half-breed mongrels with no idea what kind of demon we really were. We had no expectations. Then Lore and I found our brothers. Now we know our demon, but not what it means. And I never break them. What is one of your rules? Especially because it bared the slender column of her throat and forced her to arch her back the way it did when he was driving between her legs.

Sin the Hardass definitely had a heart. And something inside him was itching to goad her into seeing how wrong she was. But why was proving he was right so damned important? Because she tests you. Yeah, okay, that was why. He was easily bored, always on the lookout for ways to keep from going out of his ever-loving mind.

His quest for excitement had nearly gotten him killed a few times, had taken him down some dark paths, and in a roundabout way, it had gotten him in the situation he was currently in. Gods, life took some strange, bumpy turns. Con palmed the map of North America, and Sin crowded close. He could smell the damned male warg on her, and his muscles twitched with the need to hightail it back to town to kill him. He practically leaped out into the twilight-drenched forest, needing to get away from her.

You have no say in anything I do. I know them. There was nothing gentle about the kiss at all. It was about wiping the other male out of the picture. It was about dominance and all that male tough-guy crap. She squealed in outrage and stomped on his foot.

Pounded against his chest. Then she bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. When the blood hit her tongue, she jerked, but the sharp pleasure-pain drove him harder, and he thrust his tongue against hers, stroking, licking, forcing her to taste him. The razor edge of a blade was biting into his groin, and he froze as solidly as an ice sculpture. Sin and Con ran toward the sound, and in just a few yards they were following more violent battle noises and the stench of blood.

A lot of blood. The scent grew stronger as they rounded an outcrop of rock and found two dead people, probably werewolves, beneath a bush.

Or blood. There were two small cabins tucked away in the forest, but they must have housed several families. They were battling, some in warg form, and some still in human, using axes and knives. One male was firing a shotgun at a leaping werewolf. The ground was soaked with blood, and a child lay dead on a porch.

A child. Rabid fury exploded in Sin, and she launched at the born wargs, whose battle gear set them apart from the others. Her throwing knives took out one, and her Gargantua dagger ended another. She lost track of time, of control, and though she knew Con was tearing through the pricolici like a tornado through a trailer park, her concentration was fully centered on causing pain.

Finally, nothing moved. Sin stood in the middle of the small camp, numb. Sin sensed the darkness in him, the battle and bloodlusts that should have triggered her own, but for once, she was just numb.

His chest still heaved with exertion from the fight. Someone leaked the fact that only the varcolac are affected. There are probably staff members at UG who know. He swept the area with his silver gaze, his entire body tense, his expression grim. The varcolac were furious at the meeting. She clapped a hand over her shoulder where one of her glyphs, a round sundial-shaped mark, had split in two.

Her chest tightened and her throat closed up as all the deaths piled high on her conscience. All of it was her fault, and she suddenly felt like she was drowning in blood. She sprinted toward the sound, and her heart nearly stopped when she saw a woman lying in the open doorway of a shed behind the cabins. She knew immediately what it was: a sick hut. For dying wargs.

Be still, okay? The familiar tingle wound its way down her arm and to her fingertips, and the moment it entered the werewolf, Pamela gasped. He might have taken the job because Eidolon forced his hand, but Con belonged in the medical field, and she wondered if he realized that.


Sin Undone

Everyone knows that. He crossed to a room near the parking lot doors and flung back the heavy curtain. Machines breathed for him, pumped fluids into his veins, monitored his vital signs. A young, humanoid nurse —a shifter of some sort, according to the star-shaped mark behind her ear—checked his status, her face pinched with concern.


Tense, sexy and touching, only Ione can blend such feelings into a comprehensive and complicated story. Sin Undone is a roller coaster of action, romance, suspense and you never want it to end. You responded very well to what I spilled inside you. He could still hear the sound of her panting breaths, could still feel her tight inner muscles clamped around him— She struck out, but before her fist could knock loose a few of his teeth, she hissed and grabbed her head with both hands as the pain from the anti-violence enchantment that protected the hospital kicked in. She and her siblings were immune, but only if they fought with each other. More gently than she deserved, he peeled her bleeding hand away from her head and swiped his tongue over the needle puncture. She went taut, slowly releasing her head with her other hand.



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