Decipher, Inc. They issued their first RPG components in their series in and the last one in The last CCG series was released in June For the online version of the CCG, the servers finally shut down in June It was due to be released in the second half of and there seem to be no progress reports available as of early Over the last decade, ICE has published over 50 adventure sourcebooks detailing specific areas in western and southern Middle-earth, making it the most heavily supported fantasy game universe in the industry.

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The Hunt for Gollum Born of Hope Though i have yet to get to grips with the system myself i have heard only good things. It would be too cheesy unfortunately. The official Decipher website was http: This introductory game contains a page adventure narrative, a page guide to the lands and peoples of Middle-earth, an explanation of the basic principles of role-playing games, full-color character sheets that include pictures and game data describing each character, four full-color tactical maps for use in the major action sequences of the adventure, cut-outs of the characters and monsters in the adventure, and a poster map of Middle-earth.

This apparently covered mainly typos and errors in the statistic blocks for the sample archetypes. Archived from the original on I mean potr pick it up someday. For instance, a pony now does no longer cost merely deciphet times as much as an ordinary meal — but it still costs 4 silver pennies in Bree!

There was a PDF deciphrr of this same booklet available from the Decipher website. If you come across a copy of the Core Book, the printing number and whether it mentions the Origins award are indicators of whether it has the errors corrected or not. The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game The Compendium adds material on various topics such as attribute generation, courage, spells and spell specialties, initiative, combat manoeuvres, combat pacing, resisting fear, horses, and healing.

Roleplaying Adventure Game Box Set. Many of these rules either redefine the overall power level of the game or suggest devipher new, fun mechanics e. Plan your next RPG adventure with maps depicting the lands of western Middle-earth in vibrant and painstaking detail.

LongChristian MooreOwen M. This link was changed to other Decipher products once the company lost the license for LOTR products.

Which makes the news that Decipher has closed one of its studios — the studio that was responsible for their Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game — all the more tragic. Paths of the Wise: The fans blasted Decipher for sitting on a potential platinum mine and not capitalizing on it, which I agree.

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There was deciphfr weaker magic using classes, you could be from the start. The Gathering and a whole new gaming hobby. Originally Posted by Revlid. Most 10 Related.

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Races[ edit ] The character races available in the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game are: Dwarves Khazad : Short, stocky bearded folk, strong and hardy, able to endure pain, fatigue and suffering better than other races. Upon reaching maturity they appear old in a fashion that belies their hardiness. They often live in subterranean kingdoms, and have a great love of craftworks, especially things made of gold, silver, and mithril. Elves Eldar : The oldest and wisest of races of Middle-earth, they are immortal, noble, and fair. They are naturally aware of many things that are hidden from the Younger Children.


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