They ALL somehow arrived at the very same conclusion… and technique. And man did it ever work. It worked starting conversations with women… It worked writing online profiles… It worked chatting with women on instant messengers… It worked everywhere. Well, after using this technique for a few years, and writing about it quite a bit… I kept asking myself the universal question… WHY? Why did it work?

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A sword for example Every game has 2 parts an Inner game and an outer game. One is played with the world, another is played in your mind. Lapse of concentration, self doubt and self condemnation are just some of the things in the inner game. Most ppl want a quick fix for their deep problems. I want a great women in my life. Mind-OS: Visual method of solving problems psychologically. Symbols are different from words, it has more information tied to it.

The nature of your character is relevant to the type of women you attract. Character is destiny. Every rejection is a chance to grow, it is giving you power. Intimacy is present minded, you can only be intimate when you are both in the present, at the same time.

Causes of the Problems? A boundary with doors instead of holes or walls. Decisions: Sum total of your life, accounts to all the decisions you have made. Every decision that you make in your life is one of 2 types. How do we spend time? In the past, present or future. If you are in the past or future, you are in auto pilot, when you are in the present you are in control. You can only make decisions in the present. You can only truly have a connection or intimacy when you and your woman are in the present.

Observing Ego: Is the only thing that can allow psychological growth Monitor your behavior in real time as you behave. Take control of your life, instead of letting it control you. These are like currencies traded in your boundary. Durable Fulfillment is freedom, success and happiness through life.

Fulfillment is what the ppl that are happy in their death beds, have achieved. Our personal boundary marks what we control, there are things that are outside our control and in our control.

Suffering happens through holes in your boundary. You are having trouble hearing no, or saying no. Every time you say should. Having preferences is what defines your identity, not just settling for anything. Any time you use vague language your boundary is not very defined. Women are always testing your boundary. The do this to build trust, because she is looking for integrity.

A solid defined boundary is a shield against stress. Trauma is a stress so big, that even though you said NO it still crossed your boundary. Turn the damage wounds in your boundary to succeed.

Reaching a goal increases your boundary, but it does not fill it. Success does not equal happiness. Perfectionism is a hole in your boundary of the image of yourself. You feel like you can control anything, and you have already reached perfection, without doing any work.

When you reach intimacy with a person there is no boundary, you are in complete agreement. You have to go from being independent to being intimate, to remove that boundary, therefore doubling it. This creates co-dependence, where you feel you have to lie or put up with the situation. In order to evolve, you have to create interdependence. The problem with codependence is that sooner or later, one will become the bully and try to control the other persons boundary.

Once this way, can you truly commit to the relationship. Mature decision making to help you control your life. Every decision we make is either constructive or destructive. Make constructive habits. Observing ego helps you develop constructive habits. Passing from a Boy to a Man Change Immediate to delayed gratification. Not recognising others and not respecting them, to recognizing others and respecting them. Weak observing ego to advanced observing ego.

Poor conscious and weak intuition to strong conscious and strong intuition Poor defined boundaries to well defined boundaries. Bad and good decisions fill both sides. The more wisdom you demonstrate, the more leadership society gives you. Successful people make decision whether good or bad. Unsuccessful people ponder a long time before making the decision, because they are afraid of making the wrong decision.


Conversation Skills 2.0

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David Deangelo - Cocky Comedy and Other Conversation Skills


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