It is possibly written some point after the eighteenth century but also possibly it represented the translation of The Sworn Book of Honorius, a 13th century text. It was ostensibly published in Cairo by a person known as Alibek the Egyptian. Also known as "The Red Dragon", this book contains instructions purported to summon Lucifer or Lucifuge Rofocale, for the purpose of forming a Deal with the Devil. The Grand Grimoire was supposedly edited by one Antonia del Rabina from a copy transcribed from the genuine writings of King Solomon. The Grand Grimoire is divided into two parts, the first containing the evocation of "Lucifuge Rocofale" and the second concerned with the rite of making pacts with demons.

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Nastegon, Sexagip. Sachiel, Jupiter, saffron, and first figure are found in Heptameron, considerations for Thursday. Glyphs are: Jupiter , Sagittarius. Zebal: compare Zebul — name of the Sixth Heaven. Remember my Sonne Roboam more dearer to me then Isaack,1 for I had all my Scyence of ye creator of all creatures. Roboam sayd what haue I deserued, why should I in any case be likned to my father. The wording in this manuscript most closely resembles the Latin in Ghent B: Recordare fili mi Roboam qui mihi charior es Isaac Quoniam cunctam scientiam inueni a creator.

Roboam dixit Quod merui cum in aliquo So too Ghent B. Ghent B: Rachiel. I coniure him, that shall haue these secrets, by the bloud of ye Body and by the Body of Christ and by the heart of his Body, and by all thinges that he desireth and purposeth to doe in this world; to deliuer it and open it to noe man, and if he open it, let them be wise. I pray god that yt he desireth may neuer come to passe and effect; and as Ptolomeus the grecian coaduanced by the grace of god hath made cleare the profound and obscure secrets of this arte, as he was that yt foloweth, that were closed in the cheast of Iuory, and these be the words of ye said Clauicle that he declared marueilously in these two Bookes followinge.



I suddenly beheld, at the end of a thickly-shaded vista of trees, a Light in the form of a blazing Star, which said unto me with a voice of thunder: Solomon, Solomon, be not dismayed; the Lord is willing to satisfy thy desire by giving thee knowledge of whatsoever thing is most pleasant unto thee. I order thee to ask of Him whatsoever thou desirest. Whereupon, recovering from my surprise, I answered unto the Angel, that according to the Will of the Lord, I only desired the Gift of Wisdom, and by the Grace of God I obtained in addition the enjoyment of all the Celestial treasures and the knowledge of all natural things. It is by this means, my Son, that I possess all the virtues and riches of which thou now seest me in the enjoyment, and in order that thou mayest be willing to be attentive to all which I am about to relate to thee, and that thou mayest retain with care all that I am about to tell thee, I assure thee that the Graces of the Great God will be familiar unto thee, and that the Celestial and Terrestrial Creatures will be obedient unto thee, and a science which only works by the strength and power of natural things, and by the pure Angels which govern them. Of which latter I will give thee the names in order, their exercises and particular employments to which they are destined, together with the days over which they particularly preside, in order that thou mayest arrive at the accomplishment of all, which thou wilt find in this my Testament. In all which I promise thee success, provided that all thy works only tend unto the honour of God, Who hath given me the power to rule, not only over Terrestrial but also over Celestial things, that is to say, over the Angels, p.



Notifie that it shall be more sure and truer, your experiments to be made towards the east. Thou shalt transport thyself unto the appointed spot if it be for the solonon of discovering a treasure; if not, any place will serve provided it be clean and pure. I have given the number of the Psalms according to the Englishnot the Hebrew numbers. The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon, The precious stones of the planets. If however the experiment requires you to touch the loved-one, or put some brief short summary or solononor similar thing under the threshold or other place which the woman must pass, if the experiment requires some dust to be made and strewn about, or requires something to be drunk or eaten, make sure to solemnly observe the hourstimes, materials, and tools, as described in the c,avicles chapters. I conjure, I address, and I exorcise ye, that ye may approach unto and come before the Throne of God, the living and the true, and before the tribunal of the judgment of his majesty, and before the holy angels of God to hear the sentence of your condemnation.

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