When Talia Monforte is summoned to the island where Xander is exiled, she has no choice but to go. When Talia arrives on the beautiful island where Xander has been living, she is pulled in immediately to the life Xander has created for himself there. The beauty of her surroundings, the exquisite pampering she receives, all help to lower her reservations and take away her worry of why she has been brought to the island. This story started out okay. I was drawn in by the promise of seduction and the allure of the Prince on the private island premise. Unfortunately, as I read on and the scenes played out I was more than turned off by the sex scenes.

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Dane than with Ms. But given that generally I enjoy your writing styles so much, I was happy to give this duology a shot. Exiled by Maya Banks Talia Monteforte is a young woman who worked at the palace in Cristofino, a fictional kingdom.

She meets Prince Alexander after she inadvertently knocks some flowers off of a table in front of the king and Xander helps clean it up. The prince takes one look at Talia and is captivated. He is determined to find out more about her. That day comes when Talia is 22 years old. There was no true emotional connection between Talia and any of the heroes. There is one particular sexual encounter involving oral sex that literally left my stomach upset for the poor heroine. I understand that there are many readers who will find multiple-partner, every orifice love scenes scintillating but any more for me these scenes end up coming off as stomach turning.

The lack of enticing sex scenes plus not one, but FOUR autocratic heroes make this novella a miss for me. Exiled gets a D from me. The final book in the series introduced a new group of characters, the Delicious dinner club. The first installment in the Delicious series focuses on Daisy, a year old artist who meets Levi, an year old attorney when he comes to take dance lessons at a studio where she is subbing for an absent teacher.

When Levi sees Daisy again, hanging a fabulous piece of art in an office building he frequents, he decides he really must ask her to dinner. Daisy, feeling the connection too, happily agrees to have dinner with Levi. At dinner, the sparks between them are flying. Soon they are intimate, and both are really happy with their connection.

And I really enjoyed the older man, younger woman scenario in this story. My complaint is really a singular one — I wanted more time with the characters. Daisy is such a vital, interesting personality, and I felt like the story would have only been more vibrant with a higher word count to fully flesh out her romance with Levi. The sex was spicy and entertaining, and I believed the characters were headed towards a happy ending, despite the fact that I felt that the ending was somewhat rushed.

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REVIEW: Cherished by Maya Banks,Lauren Dane

Exiled by Maya Banks: A modern day Cinderella story with a kinky, erotic twist But I was looking for an escape-type read, so decided to go with the flow as much as I could. Xander first meets the heroine, Talia, 4 years ago when she was working some menial job in his palace. Xander gets wind of this and offers to pay for the best medical treatment and send Talia to the university in Paris. How could she refuse? But there is a stipulation--one day Xander will call for Talia, and he will expect her to come to him


Review: Cherished by Maya Banks & Lauren Dane



Cherished: Exiled/Sway


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