The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction. What is an instruction? A good user manual introduces us to a number of additional functionalities of the purchased item, and also helps us to avoid the formation of most of the defects.

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All rights reser ved. No part of this publication ma y be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retriev al system, or tr anslated into any language or computer language in any f orm or by an y means, electronic , mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise , witho D-2 P ackage Contents In order to use y our unit safely , always observe these cautions.

Ne ver attempt to disassemble the unit: opening and removing its interior cover s will expose you to dangerous v oltages and oth K eep the area free so you can reach the outlet quickly. If you notice an ything unusual smoke , strange odours, noises around the F AX, unplug the unit immediately. Contact your local authorised Canon dealer or the Canon help line.

Carefully remov e all items from the box. Y ou should ha ve someone help y ou hold the bo x while you lift out the F AX and its protective pac kaging. Sav e the car ton and packaging in case y ou need to transpor t t Sa ve y our sales receipt for proof of purchase in case your unit requires warranty service.

K eep them in case you need to transpor t the unit in the future. F ollow this procedure to connect the po wer cord: The F AX has no power s witch, so its power is on as long as it is plugged in.

Once connected, though, the unit still needs time to warm up before y ou can use it. W ait until the LC For some countries, y ou also need to select the countr y where y ou are using the F AX machine. The F AX machine automatically s witches the selectable The F AX enters standby mode. Ex: Once you ha ve selected the language and country , these setting menus will not appear ne xt time you connect the po wer cord. The f ollowing illustration sho ws the Operation P anel in English.

If you are replacing a used toner car tridge, see p. Canon FAX-L - page 31 Chapter 2 Setting Up Setting Up 5 Place and suppor t the toner car tridge on a flat, clean surf ace, then gently pull on the plastic tab to remov e the plastic seal.

F or complete details on paper requirements and selecting paper f or your F AX, see Chapter 5. Bef ore loading paper , be sure to read the f ollowing: c The laser printing process uses high temperatures to fuse toner to the paper.

Y our F AX is now ready to print. Canon FAX-L - page 36 Registering Information Chapter 3 Guidelines for Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols When you come to a step that requires y ou to enter a name or number , refer to the table belo w to deter mine which numeric button to press f or the character you w ant: n If you pause f or more than 60 seconds between entering data, the unit will automatic This information is cal Ex: 4 Use the numeric buttons to enter the Ex: correct da y , month, Spaces are optional but mak e the number easier to read.

If you are unsure of y our telephone line type, check with y our local telephone company. F ollow this procedure if y ou need to change the telephone line type setting: 1 Open t If your F AX is connected through a PBX or other telephone s witching system, you ha ve to dial the outside line access number first, and then the number of the party you are calling.

Ex: 12 Press Set. The last and first page should ov er lap b y about 2. W ait for the printout to exit the unit completely In this case, place the F AX near the edge of a table so that the pages can f all aw a y from the unit and av oid blocking the f ace-up delivery slot. Y ou may w ant to place a bo x below the F AX so that the pages can collect in If you want to load a diff erent paper size 1 p.

This will e xtend the toner car tridge life. For highest print quality , disable th Instead of having to dial a f ax or telephone number using regular dialling i. When you register one-touch speed dialling, y ou will: — assign one of the 24 one-touch speed dialling buttons Spaces are optional and are ignored during dialling. T o continue registering other one- Ex: touch speed dialling buttons , press Data Registration and repeat the procedure from step 5. Ex: 17 Press Stop to return to standby mode.

Ex: 21 T o continue registering other one- touch speed dialling buttons , repeat the procedure from step 5. Stick the labels abov e each T o continue registering other coded Ex: speed dialling codes, press Data Registration and repeat the procedure from step 7.

Ex: 19 Press Stop to return to standby mode. Ex: 23 T o continue registering other coded speed dialling codes, repeat the procedure from step 7. Ex: n T o check y our entr ies, y ou can pr int a list of all the numbers and names registered f or coded speed dialling 1 p. Y ou may want to k eep th Y ou can then send to all the fax n umbers in the group in one quic k and simple operation. When yo Y ou may w ant to keep these lists near your F AX to refer to them when dialling.

F ollow this procedure to print speed dialling lists: 1 Open the one-touch speed dial pa Setting the Scanning Resolution Y ou can set the scanning resolution of documents you send. The higher the resolution the higher the output qualit Adjust according to how light or how dark y our document is. F ollow this procedure to set the scanning contr ast f or sending and cop ying: 1 Open the one-touch speed dial pa Memor y Sending Memor y sending is a quic k and easy way to send a document.

As the F AX scans the first page of a multipage document into its memory , it begins calling the other par This section e xplains these two methods.

This star ts redialling regardless of whether Setting the Op Simply load the document, enter the f ax numbers, and the F AX will then scan the document into its memor y a All subsequent destinations must be entered within 10 seconds. If you wait This is called Dela yed sending or Timer sending.

By using this feature , you can tak e advantage of lower long distance r ates at night, for e x Repeat f T o deter mine which mode best suits your requirements , refer to the tab le below: Once you ha ve decided which mode is suitab le f or your needs , set the mode as described in this chapter.

Y ou can change the mode at an y time. Y our F AX will answer all calls as f ax calls. After a fe w seconds, the LCD returns to standby mode. The F AX treats all incoming calls as f ax calls. It receiv es f ax es automatically and disconnects any v oice calls. F or this mode, y ou will need to connect the optional handset or a telephone to your F AX to be able to receiv e voice calls and also to manually In ANS.

If the F AX cannot print a received f ax because it is performing another task that pre v ents it from doing so , it will receive the f ax in me The length and position of the pause depends on the telephone system of your country. If your F AX is set for pulse dialling 1 p. This is called Dial tone detection. F ollow this procedure f or dial tone detection during regular dialling or when register i Y ou will find instructions for printing a list of documents in memor y , as well as procedures f or printing, sending, and deleting documents stored in memor y.

Printing a Lis In normal faxing, a f ax machine sends a document to another fax machine. Y our F AX has the capability of functioning in both roles; it c Polling Sending In polling sending, your F AX holds a document in its polling box so that other f ax machines can retriev e it. Y ou may find polling sending con venient in the f ollowing Canon FAX-L - page Chapter 9 Special F eatures Special Features Scanning a Document into the Polling Box F ollow this procedure to store a document in the polling bo x so that other fax machines can retriev e it: n Y ou need to set up the polling bo x before y ou can scan a document into the polling bo x 1 p.

Ex: Restriction of your F AX is now enab led. No one can make calls or send f ax es. This setting does not restrict incoming calls or fax es. Ex: Restriction of your F AX is now disab led. Any one can make calls or send f ax es. This f eature is useful to prev ent reception of unsolicited f ax es e. F ollow this procedure to enab le or disable receiving restriction: 1 Open the

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