Not another word from either of you. For some reason, I thought this would be more of a romance, but it was definitely more mystery novel. I was so grateful that Deanna Raybourn did not sugar-coat this aspect of their marriage. Also, I did read this one straight after the three previous books, and often reading a series in bulk can be a bit like eating too many champagne truffles — fabulous but a bit nauseating.

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Start your review of Camino oculto a Darjeeling Write a review Shelves: belovedbookshelf , mystery I finished the wonderful Silent on the Moor last year and knew it would be a long, cold wait for the next book in the Lady Julia Grey series. I was so happy with where the end of that book left my favorite characters. It was in no way an agonizing or excruciating ending, rather it managed to leave me both perfectly happy and aching for more adventures with the indomitable Julia and the elusive Brisbane.

So, armed with an e-reader and plenty of chocolate, I boarded the plane and settled in for a cozy ride. Turns out, I was in for a much longer ride than I planned on as bad weather delayed our flight from the planned three and a half hours to more like nine. I was so glad I had Lady Julia and Brisbane to keep me company and what would have been a tedious and frustrating journey was actually the most pleasant of times.

A warning: It is impossible to discuss this installment without including one particular spoiler for the previous three books.

So, please. But go simply and quickly to your nearest bookstore and purchase Silent in the Grave. You can come back and thank me later. Having been suddenly widowed shortly after becoming pregnant, Jane has endured a few too many months of loneliness and fear in her unfamiliar and foreign home.

Julia is, of course, keen to join her husband in his efforts and work together as equal partners in the investigation. Brisbane, unsurprisingly, disagrees vehemently. And the tension this conflict engenders threads its thorny way throughout the bulk of the tale. Once again, it is up to Brisbane and Julia whether he will have her or no to stop the snake in the grass before it strikes again.

And I do mean that smile never left my face. It is so soothing to have an author consistently come through for you. The writing, the craftsmanship, the characters, and the setting all come together seamlessly in a Deanna Raybourn novel.

He is always rabbiting on about wanting to travel to exotic places. He has engaged a hermit. He thought it might be an interesting addition to the garden. Who ever heard of a hermit in Sussex?

Father loved nothing better than tinkering with his country estate, although his devotion to the place was such that he refused to modernise the Abbey with anything approaching suitable plumbing or electricity. Portia sipped placidly at her soup. Father has put him in the garden of March House. In the back garden of a townhouse? I ignored my husband who was having a difficult time controlling his mirth and turned again to my sister.

He could not be expected to live wild," she added reasonably. I took a sip of my wine and counted to twenty. And installed a hermit. He reached for my plate and when I offered no resistance, helped himself to the remains of my fish. I thought they all became extinct after Capability Brown. Received quite a few responses, actually. Seems many men fancy the life of a hermit--and a few women. But Father settled on this fellow from the Hebrides, Auld Lachy.

He thought having a Hebridean hermit would add a bit of glamour to the place. This book in particular put that Cheshire Cat smile on my face because it dealt with that delicate and heady navigation two people engage in after the honeymoon is over.

I adore novels that handle that subject well and this one did it flawlessly. Those fundamental facets of their makeup, those traits that make them who they are, have not been altered by a piece of paper.

And this means that they must learn to work with each other. The really wonderful thing is that it is all laid out so very realistically. And yet, somehow, Ms. Raybourn manages to balance these challenges out with the incredibly intense and genuine love these two dominant people feel for one another.

The result is hypnotic. I could read about them all day long and I did in this case. The rich and fragrant Indian setting formed an exquisite underpinning for the disturbing and dark deeds that take place at the foot of the majestic Himalayas. I went back and forth on who the culprit might be and one new character in particular threw me and Julia for a loop.

I am still trying to figure out how I feel about what happened there. I have to say, I came to the end of this adventure feeling much the same way I did at the end of its predecessor--perfectly satisfied and more in love with these characters than ever before.



Nezahn He thought it might be an interesting addition to the garden. You can come back and thank me later. Like many mid-series books, I had both giddy, unrestrained expectations and somewhat hesitant reservations for Dark Road to Darjeeling. Aug 10, Angie rated darjeelling it was amazing Shelves: I was getting a little bored with England and India fixed that for me. The same goes for Julia…. And you will not make the journey alone. I just felt like the other books were simply better.


Camino oculto a Darjeeling (Ebook)


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