Gojin Heart-rending stuff and brilliant. A delicate, pastel-shaded ending entirely brownin harmony with the tone of understated expression of the whole play, all the more powerful for relying heavily on implication. Lists with This Book. Manchester University Press — via Google Books. The Browning Version — A Play in One Act It has become perhaps the most highly regarded of his plays, with frequent revivals — both in its original form, as a double-bill with Harlequinadeand on its own. Among staff and pupils alike he is seen as both a figure of fun and as an authoritarian to be feared.

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Finding himself alone, Taplow fiddles with chocolates kept on the table and uses a walking stick to practice his golf swing.

Hunter who advises him on golfing techniques. They both start chatting about Andrew and his stern methods. Taplow thinks that Andrew is a strict disciplinarian but has never used violence with students. She asks Taplow to fetch some medicines and Taplow leaves the two alone. Millie — a Promiscuous Woman The subsequent conversation reveals that Millie is a promiscuous woman and is cheating on Andrew with Hunter. He is disappointed by the fact that Taplow was sent to run an errand.

Millie leaves to prepare dinner and the two men enter into a different conversation. Andrew informs Hunter that he will be leaving the school for a new one owing to his heart condition.

Then, Taplow returns and Andrew leave them in peace. Andrew tells Taplow that he too had written a versified translation earlier of the same classic. After Taplow leaves, the headmaster informs Andrew that he would not get any pension post his retirement from school as he has not spent enough time there. Gilbert mirrors the same ambitions and traits of Millie, maybe a sign for a repeat in the future.

When the Gilberts exit the scene, Taplow returns but with a gift. Andrew is overjoyed with the gesture. Taplow is followed by Hunter again and Andrew shows him the gift. Andrew leaves in disquiet. Hunter is aghast at the ruthless behavior of Millie and ends the relationship with her. Hinter then reassures him about the genuine regard that Taplow had for Andrew. He even promises to visit Andrew in his new place later that year.

Millie invites Hunter for dinner but he rejects it and bids farewell to the Crocker-Harris couple. Millie, seemingly hurt and seething declares that he would not shift with Andrew in the new house. Then, he asks his wife to join him at dinner which was not getting any hotter with time.


The Browning Version Summary by Terence Rattigan

However, most reference books state that he was born the following day; Rattigan himself never publicly disputed this date. There is evidence suggesting that the date on the birth certificate is incorrect. Even more annoying to his headmaster, Cyril Norwood , was the telegram from the Eton OTC, "offering to march to his assistance". Life and career[ edit ] Success as a playwright came early, with the comedy French Without Tears in , set in a crammer. This was inspired by a visit to a village called Marxzell in the Black Forest , where young English gentlemen went to learn German; his time briefly overlapped with his Harrow classmate Jock Colville. The outbreak of the Second World War scuppered any chances of a long run. Shortly before the war, Rattigan had written together with Anthony Goldsmith a satire about Nazi Germany, Follow My Leader; the Lord Chamberlain refused to license it on grounds of offence to a foreign country, but it was performed from January


The Browning Version


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