The Brother XLi has a total of 25 different types of stitches, including 1 buttonhole stitch. In general, machines that are classed as "Beginner" tend to have all of the features that we think a beginner will need to be able to learn how to sew. Beginner machines may also have some features that need to be manually adjusted, so that new sewers can learn how the machine works and learn how to handle their machine on different fabrics. What size is the Brother XLi?

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Page Changing The Presser Foot Hold the needle with your left hand, and then use a screwdriver to turn the needle clamp screw counterclockwise to remove the needle. Lower the presser foot lever and fix the presser foot onto the shank. If the presser foot is in the correct place, the bar should snap in.

If the needle is in the down position when you turn the pattern selection dial, the needle, presser foot or fabric may be damaged.

Stitch Width Dial The numbers marked on the dial represent the stitch width. Using other bobbins may cause damage to the machine. If you use bobbins from other models, the machine will not work properly.

Page 19 While holding the end of the thread, gently press the foot controller to wind the thread around the bobbin a few times. Then stop the machine. Trim the excess thread above the bobbin. Press the foot controller to start. When the bobbin seems full and begins spinning slowly, take your foot off the foot controller. If bobbins from other models are used, the machine will not operate correctly.

Put the bobbin in, feed the end of the thread through the slit, and then pull the thread to cut it. Page Upper Threading counterclockwise so that the mark on the handwheel points directly up. Be sure to turn the handwheel so that the mark on the wheel points up before threading the sewing machine.

Check the table on page 26 for the appropriate needle and thread combinations.


Brother XL-2600i Manuals



Brother XL 2600i Sewing Machine User Manual


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