Thus have passed before us, in succession, all the generations of the world. There has been heard a good word, a word that gives consolation, a word that is full of gladsomeness, a word worthy of all acceptance. Resound with praise, ye mountains, and all ye trees of the forests clap your hands before the face of the Lord, for He is coming. Hearken, O ye heavens, and give ear, O earth! Who, is there that is so hard of heart, that this word does not touch him?

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Nevertheless, we try to point our discussions back to what it is to be Catholic in this increasingly difficult age, to love God, and how to get to heaven. A Daily Prayer for Priests Do you want to show some appreciation? Do you have a faithful Catholic website that needs competent and reliable tech support? Bthompson : Jacob, I remember that very kind of situation being addressed in a Canon Law class in seminary.

The origi Titus and Bertha are together for a while and share the house and all of that. Dave H : One nice thing about confession at Society chapels is that there is always a densely opaque grate or screen in the confession al—for the benefit of both the penitent and the confess If I were, I would be guilty of scientism and I am not. I have seen too much nonsense in science when human personalit ies But I sure Z — Our Lady Hammer of Heretics!!

I laughed so hard. Thank you. Quaeritur: Will the nonfiction al priest at Engende JustaSinner : I think I remember an elderly Monsignor once telling me, the best practice for a priest hearing confession was to forget everything after absolution.

When our 2nd graders were doing their first confession , he insisted they do it before mass, when the entire MrsBridge : Fr. I think he gives it away though when he admires their stamina. And I always It boggles the mind. Long ago, I decided that I would avoid all but the most general referen Samuel J. Howard : Fr. JPCahill : PrayTell, huh. TonyO : How shocking and horrifying! This priest Fr. Jim needs to be reined in and re-taught according to proper catechetic s and proper sacramenta l concepts.

Z, I wish that you had not I check for messages regularly. Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops. Send Snail Mail to Fr. Z Fr John Zuhlsdorf.


Latin-English Bilingual Roman Breviary - Breviarium Romanum

Rosary Sunday Feast of the Holy Rosary Apart from the signal defeat of the Albigensian heretics at the battle of Muret in which legend has attributed to the recitation of the Rosary by St. Dominic, it is believed that Heaven has on many occasions rewarded the faith of those who had recourse to this devotion in times of special danger. More particularly, the naval victory of Lepanto gained by Don John of Austria over the Turkish fleet on the first Sunday of October in responded wonderfully to the processions made at Rome on that same day by the members of the Rosary confraternity. Pius V thereupon ordered that a commemoration of the Rosary should be made upon that day, and at the request of the Dominican Order Gregory XIII in allowed this feast to be kept in all churches which possessed an altar dedicated to the Holy Rosary.



Joseph Angrisani, and arranged according to the daily lessons of the Roman Breviary. Bernard Hausmann, S. Peter ad Vincula has re-arranged and illustrated this series of instructions, providing the reader with an easy but comprehensive reference to the rubrics of the Divine Office. It is a penitential season, and violet vestments are worn at Mass and the Divine Office. Advent begins on Advent Sunday and ends on Christmas Eve, a period of about four weeks that reflect the four thousand years between the fall of Adam and the birth of the Messiah. During this period, the Office of Vespers is sung with greater solemnity with the Great O Antiphons spelling out the imminent approach of the Messiah.


1961 Breviarium Romanum – online: dynamic site



Breviarium romanum


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