The patented technology of the two-way humidity control is impressive. The packet responds to the outside environment by adding or depleting pure water vapor as needed to maintain a constant internal environment. You just insert a hygrometer either digital or analog into the bag along with the packet and then close the top zipper. After waiting hours, you check the hygrometer display. If you have an analog hygro, you can then adjust it to the correct humidity level or, if you have a digital hygro, you cannot adjust it but can note the margin of error and take that into account when reading the values. The error factor was indeed consistent.

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Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Copyright — Robert Graham Limited. Gift Vouchers Send gift vouchers. The shipping costs vary and depend on the weight of your parcel. International delivery times vary depending on destination. VAT will be automatically deducted from your order total. Add to compare Compare. Boveda One-Step Calibration If the deviation is more or less add up and subtract the value from the hygrometer display.

Search Advanced Search Search Tips. Log in Fast Buy Log in to use. This immutable law is the foundation of Boveda. Simply place your hygrometer inside the bag, close the zipper, and wait 24 hours. Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar — Box of boveds Simply place your hygrometer inside the bag, close the zipper, and wait 24 hours. They wasted no time acknowledging the order, getting it shipped, and following up with the appropriate information via E-mail.

Please select a size from below to proceed. Within the UK we aim to deliver within 2 working days. Gold Digital Cigar Hygrometer with Thermometer. The Boveda One Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit is a must have for anyone using a cigar hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels inside of their humidors.

Caligration will have an option to do so at the check-out. Round Humidifier — Black — up to 25 cig Sign in to write a review. Leave the Boveda zip-bag closed for 24 hours. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Xikar Digital Hygrometer — Round. Lennox Digital Cigar Hygrometer with Thermometer. The result is the effective moisture in your humidor. We strongly recommend taking bveda transport insurance for your purchase.

Gars Mitchellero — Nicaraguan — Exclusive to C. Quintero Favoritos Cigar — 1 Single. Cookies help us deliver the best experience on our website. The One-Step Calibration Kit is a simple and surefire method to accurately calibrate any digital or analog hygrometer or humidity sensor. Customer Reviews There are no reviews submitted. Related Articles.


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Product Reviews Thank you for your interest in our products. Rosin Power is an authorized reseller of Best Value Vacs BVV products and manufacturer warranties are valid on all products purchased from our store. One of those principles is that a saturated solution of salt in water will maintain a constant level of relative humidity inside an enclosed chamber. This immutable law is the foundation of Boveda. This principle is widely used and accepted by chemists and lab professionals to determine the accuracy of any hygrometer, whether digital or analog. This is why Boveda should be used to establish the correct level of humidity inside your container, package or humidor, or to check the accuracy of your hygrometer.


One Step Calibration Kit





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