Gary C. Halbert P. You want to do some of your friends a favor? Have them read my book "The Boron Letters" Because this book also deals with life

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Gary C. Halbert P. You want to do some of your friends a favor? Have them read my book "The Boron Letters" Because this book also deals with life This first letter is short yet contains far more than the reader probably sees and I would wager, that this first letter is most over looked or taken for granted.

The lesson on health he is teaching is crystal clear and it is not lost on me that he chose this topic first. He was very hard on his body until he was middle age, but then he would fall in and out of work out phases. At one point he was running up to 13 miles on the beach and ate only health food.

Unfortunately he had an arterial blockage that caused his death, but the ME confirmed that other than that he was in great shape for his age. I did try jogging and never liked it.

The time it takes to get the endorphins running to the brain to make you feel high takes too long for me. It is also too hard on my knees. For me, exercise should be fun from the get go and not a WORK out simply because if it is fun and therefore easier to find the motivation to do it and keep doing it.

I prefer non-competitive sports instead. There is very little equipment in sport chalet that I have not tried at one time or another and the only activity that really stuck with me is bicycling. It is easier for me because when I ride, it feels like exploring and not so much like exercise.

When he wrote the first letter, I was 15 and at that age all young men think they are invincible to what ails old people. I knew I would have to take better care of myself, but I thought it was something for later in life. It reminds me of a line in a song on the Faces album. When he talks about how when he first got there it was hard just to walk around the hill and very soon he was running up it.

When I got my first mountain bike I decided to ride it to Mullhulland Dr. I decided to try again the next day only this time I vowed to get off and walk if I had to.

This time I took it slower and knowing this was going to be tough, I decided to try and peddle in a gear that seemed too easy. Well I am sure you can guess the end of this story. Try things at least twice. Just the second attempt at anything hard will be much easier. Not a little bit but by A LOT. It is true of almost everything, not just sports. All first attempts are sloppy and lame.

The sad part is, we all already know this lesson, but we have to remind ourselves of it. Anyone who ever learned to ride a bike remembers their first attempt to learn because it ended with blood. As people get older they start to decide whether they like stuff based on their first experience. Everyone wants to climb the mountain, but the big difference between those at the top and those still on the bottom is simply a matter of showing up tomorrow to give it just one more shot.

The other lesson he touches on is getting up early to do road work and that too has a business lesson and a VERY important lesson as well. It is a great lesson and relates to the one in the story.

The lesson is this. Everything you do can be categorized as either important or not important. Also everything you do can be categorized as urgent or not urgent. To make it easy to explain we will use a 4 square box:.


The Boron Letters

He suggests a couple of must-read books and even creating a swipe file of good elements. Naturally you always want to be in pile A. However the parts about having a physical attention grabber are priceless. Literally finding successful ads and hand copying them down to help average marketers become truly great. He makes lots of observations on how certain people react to specific situations. Granted this is physical mail, but the principles still apply to age of amazon.


The Boron Letters - Gary C Halbert [Every Letter 100% Free]


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