Tutor: Dr. Palabras claves:Blanqueamiento dental, sonrisa, dientes blancos. ABSTRACT The risks and benefits of teeth bleaching currently technics are discused, both in vital and none vital teeth; and also security measurements with accurate recomendations, to guarantee the pacients more safeness and comfort. Key words:Dental bleaching, smile, white teeth.

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Inicio Ediciones Volumen 47, No. E-Mail: anammz28 yahoo. E-Mail: jebazan amauta. Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Miniresidencia en Materiales Dentales y Operatoria Dental. Universidad de Minnesota, U. E- Mail: saraviabond yahoo. Los dientes del grupo control no fueron blanqueados y se almacenaron en saliva artificial 24 horas antes.

Abstract: The objective of this study was to demonstrate that effects of ozone bleaching on enamel bond strength have a shorter duration in comparison with carbamide peroxide. Teeth of experimental groups were exposed to one daily application of the bleaching agent for one week. After each treatment teeth were stored in artificial saliva solution, which was changed every three days. Results showed that bond strength were significantly different 0 and 1 day after both bleaching treatments.

After one week post-ozone bleaching, bond strength returned to that of the untreated control group. Values for CP group were not suitable even three weeks post-bleaching.

Keywords: Carbamide Peroxide, Ozone, Enamel, microtensile, post bleaching time, bonding. Se emplearon 22 incisivos de bovino que se dividieron aleatoriamente en 3 grupos: un grupo control de 2 piezas y dos grupos experimentales de 10 piezas cada uno.

Los materiales utilizados se encuentran en la Tabla I. El esmalte vestibular fue desgastado con lija de SiC N. Las mangueras alimentadoras se conectaron al generador de ozono 0. Use of Ozone to whiten teeth. United States 6,, April 12, Evaluation of bleached human enamel by scanning electron microscopy.

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