Page 5: The Manual They can easily be found on the enclosed numbered illustrations. If you need more detailed information on specific topics, please visit our web site at www. This signal is then present at one of the aux send jacks, from where it can be routed to an active monitor speaker or external effects device, for example. For multi-tracking connect the outputs to the inputs of a multi-track recorder see chapter 4. Mono out section for

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Learn more about the SXFX in this overview video by Behringer: Huge Channel Count Just try getting this many channels anywhere near this price from a different manufacturer. In addition to the 32 true input channels, the SXFX gives you four subgroups for assigning multiple inputs to a single fader. Use the subgroups to control an entire drum kit or all the backup signers from a single volume fader, or use them to create specific monitor mixes for different performers.

You also get a mono output that can be used as a center channel, a monitor send, or a subwoofer send. Absolutely Pro-Quality Sound Behringer Eurodesk mixers certainly do not champion quantity over quality. They make the perfect complement to the three-band "British" EQ on channels 1 through By "British," Behringer means the kind of warm, musical equalization that British console manufacturers specialize in. Instead of having to spend thousands on racks of outboard processing gear, all your compressors, reverbs, gates, delays, and other effects are right in the box.

You even get oft overlooked effects like Ultrabass, Ultramizer and Exciter -- algorithmic audio processes that can mean the difference between a good mix and an amazing mix.

Feedback is the biggest literal headache for any live sound system, and it makes feedback problems a thing of the past. Give your venue the sound it deserves, and the sound that serious musicians demand. The XENYX Mic Preamp matches the sound quality, transparency, headroom and even the dynamic range of boutique-style, stand-alone mic preamps. Get real-world and awesome effect presets at your fingertips.

They are legendary for their high headroom, warm natural timbre and utter lack of background noise. Plug in a dynamic mic and stick it inside a bass drum to appreciate the whopping headroom. Truth be told, you never have too many effects. And when you hear the quality of the effects, you may want to give your overworked CPU a rest. Naturally they gave you a whole palette of creative effects like reverb, chorus, flanger, delay and pitch shifter tones, as well as mind-bending multi-effects to take your sound out of this world.

But you also get problem solving workhorses like compression and gating plus final effects such as Ultramizer, Ultrabass and Exciter that can put a PA or studio mix over the top. And because there are two processors, you can cue two separate effects, then apply one or both to channels 1 through 28 -- compression for the vocalist, reverb for the vocalist and snare drum, for example.

What the heck is British EQ? A good thing to have on your side when you start reaching for those channel equalization knobs. At a live concert or in the studio. Single malt scotch instead of Everclear. Home-baked cherry cobbler instead of an artificial cherry lollypop. When you add low midrange, you get a firmer sound instead of a nasty bonk.

When you back high frequencies off a bit, treble backs off just a hair instead of turning muffled. All SXFX mono channels have low and high shelving plus a sweepable "mid-range" you can move anywhere from Hz to 8kHz.

Think of it as your roving English troubleshooter. Kill feedback before it maims your audience. When it comes to suppressing feedback, the SXFX is like having a bloodhound trained to spot trouble frequencies a mile away. It makes finding and adjusting critical frequencies a snap.

Simply adjust until the LED goes dim. But the SXFX really gives you twenty-four honest mono channels plus eight stereo channels, making it easy to accommodate a variety of studio or live performance configurations.

You can connect up to 24 microphones or other mono instruments and up to four stereo instruments keyboards or tone modules, for example. You can combine these input in four different sub-mixes we call them buses. You can also use one or more of the sub-mix buses to create custom monitor mixes for picky members of your band. Customer Reviews.





Behringer Eurodesk SX3242FX Manuals


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