They have come to try to win a place in the Legions of Argonath. The Legions include infantry, cavalry and dragon squadrons, which are essential in battle with the hordes of the enemy, which always include troll. To save it Relkin sets out to steal some flowers from a high balcony. He fails, but is introduced to the Great Witch Lessis who gives him a herbal remedy for the dragon. Bazil, along with a small force of men and dragons are caught up in a precipitate pursuit of Thrembode across the High Gan to the dread city of Tummuz Orgmeen ruled by the evil Doom, a rock imbedded with malevolent intelligence.

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Shelves: favorites The fact that this is not a more well-known novel continues to irk me. I can only assume that the cover art killed the sales of this series. In fact, I often use these books as an example of the worst cover art that I have ever seen. Bazil Broketail is a fantasy novel written in a style that reminds me of military science fiction. Rowley has the ability to give just the right amount of detail so that the reader can understand exactly what is happening at any moment, even in a chaotic battle.

The two main characters play off of each other very well and the dragons who, at first, seem stupider than the humans, end up being much more sensible, and bringing much to the table besides fighting strength. The magic system laid out here is wonderful and unique, focusing on sacrifices and movement between the planes of existence. The evil powers are mostly raiding The Argonath for women to breed imps and cows to breed trolls, and there is a certain creepy logic to their motivations.

The witches who support our main characters are not hurling fireballs around, their magics are more subtle and most of them seem rather detached from the events of the world. I even love the fact that the princess that they try to save seems like such a twit that you wonder if they will be doing their people any favors by saving her.

Anyway, read this series. It has not been in print for some time, and there is no audiobook version, but find a copy and read it, it is well worth it.

These dragons are not mythical creatures, nor are they simply pets or mounts. These dragons are unique individuals with quirks and personality. Striding around on their hind-legs wearing leather armor and swinging 10 foot dragonswords they are a vision of incarnate carnage on the battle field. Rowley has such talent at world building. Kills me that the books are so hard to find now.


Bazil Broketail (1992)

History[ edit ] Ryetleth is the name of the world where most of the events in the book take place. It contains two continents and has seen several empires in its history. The first is Veronath, which was known as the Golden Kingdom. It was brought down by the machinations of the demon lord Mach Ingbok, servant of wizards known as the Masters of Padmasa. Outside of the area of Veronath there are small islands known as the Cunfshon Isles. The Cunfshon Isles eventually created an army and pushed the Demonlord out of his hold to form a new empire, the Argonath.


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