The seeds are eaten raw or fried[ , , ]. Cooked as a pulse[ ]. The tender young pods and leaves are cooked as vegetables. The flower buds are eaten as a vegetable. The seeds are eaten raw, roasted, or dried and fried.

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Preliminary chemical examination showed the presence of sterols and terpenoids in hexane extracts, flavonoids in ethylacetate extracts, glycosides and tannins in methanol extracts of B. Only the antimicrobial activity of B. Nevertheless, this study supports the traditional use of B.

This pathogen was found to be sensitive to the crude extracts of B. Bacillus species and Es. Flavonoids are known to exhibit antimicrobial activity through formation of a complex with the bacterial cell wall.

The antimicrobial activity of the methanol extracts from B. The probable mechanism of these phenolic compounds activity includes enzyme inhibition by oxidized compounds, possibly through reaction with sulfhydryl groups or through more nonspecific interactions with proteins. The present study provides an important basis for the use of extracts from these plants for the treatment of infections associated with the studied microorganisms.

Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from these two species of genus Bauhinia is currently being carried out in our laboratory.

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