As usual, Sacchi took the job following his visionary path. To reach this perfection peak, Sacchi constantly put emphasis on a daily basis work. He put his players through a lot of drills often involving all the squad working together. Sacchi and his coaching staff — which featured Carlo Ancelotti as assistant coach — thought of themselves as teachers more than simple coaches and they thought of Azzurri more as a club than a national team. It means that Sacchi trialled a lot of players during the period before the World Cup campaign, trying to install a lot of tactical concepts in order to force them thinking as a unit and not as a bunch of footballers coming from different clubs. An inside cutting winger with an overlapping full-back is a common pattern right now.

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I have tried to avoid -".. Theory Once again - using the excellent resources at Spielverlung - this is the shape we are trying to create. Sacchi was also responsible for some innovations of his own. Dynamic formation Proactive, attacking football High intensity pressing game Compactness - Sacchi has been quoted as instructing his players to play no more than 25 meters from defence to attack.

Given zonal marking is common these days, that will be less of the discussion but certainly not overlooked. This can also illustrate how you can use the same playing style with any balanced formation. For example, Pep Guardiola has used , , , ? The same could be said for Simeone with , and This is for 3 primary reasons. Very Fluid gives us the most compact shape possible, by reducing the difference between the mentalities of attacking or defensive players.

Very Fluid instructs our whole team to attack and defend as a unit, which - combined with Team Instructions - is excellent for high intensity pressing. Very Fluid gives the entire team higher creative freedom so my "complete footballers" can make their own decisions.

Mentality: Standard When picking your mentality please remember that playing a Very Fluid shape gives your entire team the same, or very similar mentalities. The entire team attacks and defends as a unit. The downside if misunderstood of very fluid is that it effectively magnifies your mentality changes massively.

If understood correctly, tweaking mentality at the correct stage of a game can be a real weapon for you. Summary of our Playing Style In conclusion - regardless of formation - our playing style is: Expansive, high creativity football Compact without the ball High creative freedom for intelligent footballers This style is less of a strategy and more of a template to allow good footballers to play good football.

Formation Looking at the YouTube videos and analysis detailed above, you could easily opt for a , or a variant of My interpretation is a illustrated below. You can see a few basic traits: Two solid banks of four. A holder and a runner in central midfield. Width on both flanks from the right Wing Attack and left Wingback Attack.

The wide midfielder and attacking midfielder both support the central midfielders - at times, creating a diamond shape in possession. Attacking midfielder linking midfield and joining the attack. Spearheaded by a Complete Forward who will move, create space for support runners and attack directly. Goalkeeper Defend : Distribute Quickly.


The legacy of Arrigo Sacchi

Michaelangelo said he painted with his mind, not with his hands. So, obviously, I need intelligent players. That was our philosophy at Milan. The greatest compliment I received was when people said my football was like music. Milan rose to new heights under him and football as a whole benefited from his sheer genius. Sacchi was not a great footballer with a noteworthy career, let alone a stellar one.


Tactical Tale | Tactical Tale of Arrigo Sacchi




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