Nov 03, Bibliovoracious rated it liked it Recommends it for: fans of Angelina Jolie, and women who wonder why they "feel" Angelina is super cool 5 stars for Angie, 0 for the author. Yes, Angelina is an amazing woman, and this book does draw the picture of why she is amazing, in spite of busily trying to paint another picture.. Spare me. He even employs the tried and true 5 stars for Angie, 0 for the author. He even employs the tried and true In-Touch magazine move of liberally quoting "Dr.

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Those distinctions are nice, but now comes the big one: Ms. And Mr. Morton does not usually write his page-turners about garden-variety celebrities. What exactly qualifies Ms. Jolie to be in this company? And home wrecker. That too. Since Ms. Jolie is also something of a mystery, she would have presented ordinary biographers with a formidable challenge. But Mr. Morton is not easily deterred. And he has a helpful mantra for digging into the lives of others: Sources are for amateurs.

No footnotes or chapter notes sully the simplicity of his research. And the people most eager to tell him about Ms. Jolie has been involved yet claimed to have played no role whatsoever.

Morton writes. An entire tabloid gossip industry has selflessly devoted itself to chronicling such episodes. That limits Mr. But he has two particular skills.

One is the ability to ferret out extremely inside information, like that the typeface in which the Billy Bob Thornton tattoo on Ms. Or it might be Helvetica. Morton never wastes time explaining where he gets such information. His other, more valuable skill is connecting biographical dots. Jolie can be and another to offer a pretty good explanation of how she got that way. Jolie was born on June 4, a date that Mr.

And he admitted this to his wife. To Mr. Morton and his chorus of psychiatry-minded sages this is the crisis that shaped Ms. The marriage was destroyed. Image Andrew MortonCredit Morton to tell him the dark truth about how this child was treated.

Voight was in those days and says that his daughter got her libido from him, not from her mother. How might the baby sitter know this?

For every question Mr. Morton asks, there are often better ones that he ignores. The best part of this book is its portrait of dysfunctional family life, from the suffering of Ms. Morton points out insightfully, let his daughter behave as an out-of-control adult at an early age, then tried to infantilize her when it was much too late for her to heed him. This situation has grown so painful, the book says, that the salon where Mr. Voight has his hair cut routinely hides its tabloid magazines for fear of upsetting him with pictures of his out-of-reach grandchildren.

Lately there have been reports of a fitful reconciliation. Morton seems torn between bedazzlement at Ms. And there are a lot of those: the Jolie modus operandi seems to involve persuading married or attached men to behave exactly as her father did in betraying the women to whom they are supposedly attached.

Then she moves on. It has not been her habit to stay in any one phase for too long. How, then, does Mr. He introduces Mr. Jolie; and invokes a be-careful-what-you-wish-for when it comes to the big, happy family of Ms. It would surprise Mr.

Morton most if Ms. Morton such a leading light in the tell-all community. His own tactics fit the same description.


Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography



Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton


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