Apr 10, Chloe rated it liked it 3 stars. This one mainly follows Margaret and Matt and their unlikely love story. You cannot replace a child and it seemed like thats exactly what they did. The whole adoption process was handled inappropriately in my opinion. I also hate how all of these stories end up in pregnancies and babies like that is the only way to equal happily ever after.

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JoJorisar The couple are going to have a house built in town, another example of how the town is continually growing and prospering. Harvey Hendrickson opened a hardware store. Whatever his daughter went after she got, and he wanted to warn Matt if he hurt his daughter aoways would probably haunt him from the grave!

Sheryl still thinks she can get Matt to leave Margaret, but is wrong. People are taking risks — on new ventures and on lifelong dreams. Regardless of what her friends and family say, and despite macomner the rumors, Margaret wants Matt anyway. Oct 31, Danielle Dalota rated it it was amazing. The book covers several families and how they tie together to make a forgotten burg into a town to call their own. And she wants his baby. Debbie has a way of breaking through the taboo barrier of discussion feelings and emotions, and showing the reader how to deal with real life through the stories of her characters.

I love her writing style and her characters. No trivia or quizzes yet. Sarah and Dennis become parents with their son, Josh. Eventually, Sheryl gives up custody debbue Hailey to Matt and Margaret, and they gladly accept raising Hailey and their son, David.

Preview — Always Macombeg by Debbie Macomber. Bob figures out that Merrily has kidnapped the little boy only to keep him safe from the abuse of his parents. Lyndsay and Maddy continue to be great friends with everyone and are a big part of the community. The writing itself is smooth, and I have no trouble understanding th Like the Cedar Cove series, this book reads like five or six short stories interwoven with each other, which makes it somewhat choppy.

Her daughter, Calla, has moved back to Buffalo Valley after living with her father. I work as a volunteer GAL, and the first mandate is to keep the child feeling stable.

Bob and Margaret wants to marry Matt. Bg Dakota Series, 3 Author s: This one has a wonderful bunch of characters in another small town, all interconnected and all going through their own issues.

Margaret wants to marry Matt. Dkota what she wants is marriage to cowboy, Matt Eilers. Very disappointed, the story of Matt and Margaret was a very small part of the book, there was not enoug h detail of her finding out his screw up and it went from one story to another macombet I was so confused most the time I could not enjoy it.

You read a bit about two or three characters, then stop, and read about two or three others, then stop, and so on. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Open Preview See a Problem? Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, has become a good place to live — the way it used to be, thirty or fourty years ago.

I appreciated the series for introducing and fleshing out a Although this daiota had a satisfying ending to the entire series, I felt improvements could be made. It seems like everyone drank schizophrenic-bipolar juice, or was down with a case of the crazies.

Sep 04, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: Love, loss and redemption. And never talking and telling each other the truth is not a relationship. I really liked how there are three books to the series and it just kept going. In fact, most stepmothers that deal with vindictive exes have pretty much the same experience — even when macomebr abandon their young one moved to England with no visits they still play victim and refuse to give up their rights.

I also know that the debbje on the marriage would have been nearly unbearable once the baby was on the EOW schedule and the women were interacting which would be inevitable. Margaret is devastated and wants Matt to leave. I enjoyed these three books and this last one was unexpected as I did not anticipate what was going to happen to Bob and Merrily and Axel. This is book 3 of her Dakota Series. The story I was interested in was a failure in that I did not remotely think Matt was redeemed and found the whole nasty woman surrendering her kid a token plot device of trying to clean up that horrid relationship and Margarets willingness to take all the c Very disappointed, the story of Matt and Margaret was a very small part of the book, there was not enoug h detail of her finding out his screw up and it went from one story to another and I was so confused most the time I could not enjoy it.

But eventually, Matt actually does grow to love Margaret. Related Posts.


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