This offering from Alesis is based around the well-regarded DM5 module, yet is still surprisingly inexpensive. As an acoustic drummer who has also embraced electronic drums, I have owned and played various electronic kits over the years, ranging from the first Simmons kits with their bone-jarringly hard playing surfaces, via the newer softer rubber pads, to my present Roland V-Drum kit with its mesh heads, fabulous hardware, and equally imposing price tag. In this case the brain is the long-established Alesis DM5 drum module, which has 12 analogue trigger inputs, so cost has been saved by not having to design new electronics. Given the low cost of the kit, I was delighted to see the inclusion of both a set of reasonable drum sticks and a bass drum pedal, so all you need is a stool and a pair of headphones to get up and running. As with its predecessor, this kit is easy to set up and transport and, once unpacked, it took me less than 15 minutes to assemble it, a process that was only slightly hampered by the fact that I could find no assembly instructions included with the review kit!

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For more information about setting up the External Trigger parameters in the DM5, see pages 18 through 22, and Chapter 6. Upon power-up, the DM5 will recall the last selected Drum Set, and will display the page that was last selected. The DM5 provides up to 21 internal Drum Sets. A Drum Set contains 61 notes. Each note is assigned a voice. Each voice is an actual digital recording, called a sample.

There are many other parameters of a Drum Set we may wish to edit, however. Refer to Chapter 4 for more information about editing. These are permanently stored in ROM Read Only Memory , so even if you edit one of them or replace one by storing a Drum Set into its memory location, you can recall any of the original presets whenever you want. Page Example 1: Using Amidi Keyboard when the keyboard is set to that channel both the DM5 and the other device s will be played simultaneously.

If the sequencer is echoing back what it receives from the DM5, it is not necessary for the external triggers to directly play the DM5, since this would result in each note being played twice once by the trigger and then again when the note is echoed back by the sequencer. For example, connecting 8 DM5s would provide note polyphony.


Alesis DM5 Reference Manual

Shares Our Verdict As a route into electronic drumming, there is little doubt that the DM5 kit represents perhaps the most viable option. The Traps E sports mesh heads, which will be of vital importance to some, but its sound module is far more limited than the DM5. So if you can live with rubber pads and decent, if not dazzling, sonic performance, the price is the clincher in the DM5 deal. Pros Very affordable entry into electronics, and reasonably ergonomic. Cons Neither the feel nor the sounds are more than you would expect for the price.


DM5 Drum Module

Read the Important Safety Instructions included in the box. Study the assembly and hookup diagrams below. Each piece of the drum kit is assigned a letter and you should have the following: A. Pads 5 total These pads are used to trigger sounds from the DM5 module. Page 6 Your DM5 Drum Kit should also include the following pieces in order to assemble the drum rack.


Alesis DM5


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