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Chassis Type Chassis Power Supply You can install multiple EN2T modules in the same chassis. The following figure shows chassis slot numbering in a four-slot chassis. Slot 0 is the first slot and is always the leftmost slot in the rack. You can set the network Internet Protocol IP address three ways. Do not use the switch setting during normal module operation.

Align the circuit board with top and bottom guides in the chassis. Item Description Circuit board 2. Slide the module into the chassis. The module is properly installed when it is flush with the power supply or other installed modules. If you connect or disconnect the USB cable with power applied to this module or any device on the USB network, an electrical arc can occur. Select the module you want to configure. Install or Remove the Module Under Power You can install or remove this module while chassis power is applied.

Slide the module out of the chassis. If you want to replace an existing module with an identical one, and you IMPORTANT want to resume identical system operation, you must install the new module in the same slot. Verify that there is chassis power and that the module is completely inserted into the chassis and backplane.

The module does not have a valid IP address. Make sure the module has been configured with a valid IP address. Flashing green The module is not configured.

Green The module is operating correctly. Flashing red The module detected a recoverable fault. Resource Description Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Provides general guidelines for installing a Guidelines, publication Page 28 Your comments will help us serve your documentation needs better.

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