Upload An Artwork File Flag Cleaning, Repair, and Disposal In addition to making beautiful custom flags and banners, we take great pride in our abilities to maintain them. Our company has the ability to clean and repair commercial grade flags. Though vintage flags are much to delicate for our industrial grade sewing machines we can retire them honorably. Commercial Grade Flag Cleaning: One of our popular services is flag cleaning. Often our production team is able to clean commercial grade flags without damaging or discoloring the material. It is easy to ruin a well-kept flag simply by using the wrong process when washing it, so call us to schedule a drop-off time or visit our facility and we will get your commercial grade flags cleaned, folded, and returned to you looking brand new.

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Our passion starts with mead, but reaches to all things wine. Our hope is to create a unique experience with thoughtfully crafted recipes, rich flavors, and unique and experimental flavor combinations. What started many years ago as an obsession to try every beer and mead in existence has now led to an opportunity to come to the table with our own interpretation of what a mead can be. Playing most frequently in the dessert category, we are willing to push the boundaries at times and stretch past balance to bring out intense flavors and unique combinations in our products.

The name Pips is not only a nod to the seeds in fruits, but also to counting devices like the symbols on playing cards or the dots on a die. Though, most importantly, it is a nod to our son, Parker, who was born with special needs. Not knowing what his future holds, Pips will forever be a home to him as a family owned business. We firmly believe in continuous improvement at Pips. We simply make what we enjoy drinking, and are beyond humbled when we can put a smile on even one other face as a result.

That said, we actively seek out learning opportunities and always plan on listening to feedback from our customers. Every voice matters, for it is because of you that we are able to do what we love to do. We thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey.


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We call it the Banner Experience. Banner campers develop positive self-esteem by achieving success — socially and athletically. Experience sportsmanship and teamwork while developing athletic abilities. Basketball, baseball, floor hockey, soccer, football, tramp ball, gaga and more allow for high-level quality instruction making sports fun and engaging for all campers. Swimming is at the very center of a Banner summer. Campers spend time in our four amazing pools to improve swim skills in a small group leading to individual success and fast improvement. Splash in our water park facility with waterslides, diving boards and recreational swim!



The generator is a closed system consisting of a borosilicate glass column containing a titanium dioxide bed on which 68Ge is absorbed. The labeling process was carried out under good manufacturing practice conditions. All involved chemicals were of analytical grade and were used without additional purification. For radiolabeling with the lyophilized cold kit isoPROtrace, 2. The amount of PSMA in the kit was 10 micrograms. Radiochemical purity was assessed with the thin layer chromatography TLC.


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