However, this reservoir was still limited in its capacity to meet the growing demand for water in the Goulburn Valley and to protect farmers during drought years. Following a detailed feasibility study of all possible storage sites on the Goulburn River, it was decided that the existing dam site was the most suitable for construction of a larger dam. In , work began to enlarge the storage to its present capacity. The enlargement was completed in and the storage was renamed Lake Eildon. The crest of the uncontrolled spillway is Power generation[ edit ] Operated by AGL Energy , Eildon Hydroelectric Power Station is a hydro—electric power station that operates during the irrigation season from August to May; its operation is mainly governed by release of water to meet irrigation demands, but it may also be operated during winter and spring when flood releases can be used to generate electricity.

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Your Support I visited this swimming spot on Pinniger Rd with a group of friends in the late s and again in the early s, but unfortunately it is now a relic of the past because when I visited in it was gone. It is a sober reminder that no swimming hole is permanent in this world.

Above: A beautiful boat free vista from the former swimming spot on Pinniger Rd Order this image The best way to swim in Lake Eildon is to hire a houseboat, when you are free to wander around the various arms of the lake to find a spot that suits. Eildon pondage is off limits, Bonnie Doon is a barren wasteland, and the Fraser Camping Area is too shallow for swimming. Share this swim: I suggest heading south to Jerusalem Creek and further east into the Lake Eildon National Park to get as far away from the boats as you can.

As with most irrigation storages, best swimming occurs before Christmas when water levels are higher. Swimming here is best after a wet winter, when the lake is close to full. This swimming hole did not make it into my top 50 in Victoria. The main reason being the bulldozers and steamrollers who covered it over with asphalt. One of my favourite swimming holes nearby did make it into the top 50, so if you are looking for a swimming hole in this area and want to try it out before it becomes roadworks, grab a copy of the guide to Freshwater Swimming Holes in Victoria.

The dam wall is on Pinniger Rd, about 1 km north-east of the town. There is parking in the turning circle on the dam wall. Facilities: Toilets, boat ramp, car park. The town of Eildon is a short drive from the dam wall. Entrance fee: None.


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